Not the brightest tool in the box

So the other night when I had BD I had the most brilliant idea.

He had dropped him off at my work and I had hidden in the office playing games. Which only slightly back fired as he looked so sad and vulnerable walking between my car and his dropping BD off (I could never resist his little boy lost look!)

Anyway when I went out to check on BD I noticed that he was slightly muddy, which is not a great as I was taking him back to my parents. They are being beyond amazing letting him stay over as they know how much he means to me; but a large, wet, muddy ginger collie and my parents light coloured settee does not mix. Especially when said collie just loves wiping himself up against the settee, the chairs, your legs…. Mum once went out for a dog walk with BD and Mity in light colour trousers and BD spent the entire walk wiping his muddy muzzle over her – suffice to say she now puts on dark trousers when BD is about! Anyway I digress.

So as he was working late, his house was empty and as it would score brownie points with the folks I asked permission to bath BD at the house. He agreed and and so I came up with the genius idea of taking BD on a much deserved muddy walk, where he could wallow to his hearts delight in mud up to his arm pits as post walk he was going to be bathed!

The walk was a success, BD and I had a fab time slip sliding around and everything was going well until on the return leg of the walk that I realised that perhaps this plan wasn’t so great.

Firstly, I had to lift (he won’t jump) my large filthy collie into the back of my car to get him back to the house. I was wearing my work trousers and he did not want to end the walk. I was covered and my poor car boot – do you think I could charge him (him he not him BD) for a valet? Secondly, I had to get a large, muddy, damp collie up a flight of stairs and into the bathroom. The stairs are of course carpeted in a lovely light cream carpet (left over from Mr & Mrs Bodgit) and with him claiming my mess as one of the reasons he stopped wanting to live with me there was no way I was proving him right and trailing mud all over his house! The main problem was I had no idea where the dog towels are now kept or any spare sheets and so after a rub down with the only dog towel I had we made do and ran very quickly up the stairs – hey don’t mock it actually worked!

Once in the bathroom the fun began. Since I moved out the electric shower that was in the house has exploded and is awaiting replacement. He is currently using a plastic shower head thingy which joins the two taps together to produce a shower – great description hey?!

Do you know how hard it is to bath a dog that really doesn’t want to be bathed with a shower hose that if you pull too hard it comes off? Needless to say there was a little bit of bad language as I reattached the shower things for the umpteenth time, and a silent groan when I yet again persuaded BD that he didn’t really want to climb out of the shower covered in shampoo and forced him to stand within reach of the show head. But just to prove I am not all evil I would like to point out that there was an unending supply of treats (which BD loved) and frequent comments of how good he was and how beautiful he would look when I finished (this BD cared less for!)

Anyway after a small workout for myself BD was bathed, although not to the highest of standards, the bathroom was cleaned down to within an inch of his life (I even swept the carpeted bathroom floor) and I was officially filthy. Rest assured BD spent the rest of the night milking the situation for all it was worth!

Don’t tell Mity but it’s his turn tonight ;0)

8 thoughts on “Not the brightest tool in the box

  1. You were probably as wet as the dog with the shower coming off the taps all the time. I always make sure the bipeds get as wet as I do when I have a bath!

  2. Bathing the dogs is hard work! Kudos to you for even attempting it. Delilah hates the bath and I am constantly having to hold her back and then once they get out they shake everywhere. The good thing is that my bathroom gets a wipe down. 😉

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