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I was wondering what to post today. I’d had something half written, but it was rubbish and scrapped. Then I found this and it just spoke to me!

Easy Blog


a  Bloghop of Sugar the fabulous Golden Retriever.

I was pondering about beautiful things while my mom rummaged in our box with ole photos. She always said: “Oh look there!” or “Wow, do you remember?” and there it was: my idea for a beautiful post.
Photos are memories and even when we think we aren’t looking at our best on it, they are beautiful. Because the camera catched us in a moment of our  life and saved it for all eternity. That’s great, because every moment is unique and never comes back after gone.

There are funny memories, where your features slipped away,


moments as you were just happy, because it’s your birthday,


moments you disliked to be papped,


memories what are just sweet,


and memories that still hurt as if it was yesterday instead more than 4 years ago.

But as different the memories and the emotions…

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