About Me:


For the purpose of this blog my name is Lauranne and I am under 30. Wow doesn’t that make me sounds very secretive and interesting. I’m not. However although I have happily signed up to have my life on my blog, but I am very aware that my friends and family have not and blogging slightly anonymously allows me to be honest and open without worrying that I am sharing their deepest and darkest secrets!!

I am a Christian, however God and I are not on the best of terms at the moment. I enjoy a glass of wine or three, films and having a laugh. I am opinionated and I love a good debate, feel free to disagree with me but do not get insulting or I will bin your sorry ass!

Here’s 10 facts about me (I was going to say interesting, but I didn’t want to over sell them!)

1. I have a mole on my ear and once my mum told me off because of it – she thought I had pierced my ear.

2. I am a natural blonde, and on multiple occasions have done my bit to help fuel the impressions of the blonde bimbo (most impressive comment recently was asking if Hadrians wall was the one that can be seen from space – while stood on it)

3. I love to cook.

4. I have a very minor shoe obsession. Yes I am going to claim it is minor – at one point in my life I had over 50 pairs but I got rid of some when I moved house…although I do have a shoe room in my new house… but a girls gotta have shoes right?

5. I drink white wine in summer and red wine in winter.

6. I have strict rules about how you eat pudding (blog post about it can be found here)

7. I can’t spell for toffee – however I will still argue with the spell check over how to spell words. I also think that genius should be spelt ‘genious’ – it just looks better.

8. I have a scar on my leg from when a nail stuck into it as a child.

9. I don’t like potatoes and I can open a packet of crisps, have 2 and then leave the rest – some of my friends hate me for that particular skill.

10. I can’t do the cool raising the one eyebrow thing and have spent far too long trying to learn how to do it. I have however taught myself to curl my tongue…with limited success.

My pets:

Mity is my cairn. He is 13 years young and is my first dog. He is the family pet and lives with my mum and dad. But he loves me unconditionally and I owe him so much. He has colitis and some annoying habits but loves everyone and will greet you with such gusto – just don’t try to cuddle him. Any contact has to be very much on his terms, and if you are lucky enough that he will sit next to you, if you stoke him he gives you the dirtiest look.


The best thing to come out of my relationship of the last 4 years. BD was bought by the ex before I was on the scene but he became as important to me as the ex. When things got shit, he would come and curl up with me and licked the tears from my cheeks. He has many many issues which it has been my pleasure to work with him to overcome. He has fear aggression but when the mood takes him he will sit on my knee and loves to be petted 24/7.

Sadly my in a final move of idiotness my ex decided I could no longer see BD and so I had to say goodbye to him.



Poppy is the latest addition to my family, and probably the one who has caused me the most stress (at least in recent weeks!) She was a rescue from a work colleague who got her for his two kids, but they ignored her. So after one two many bad dates (and glasses of wine!) I offered to take her in. She now lived the life of luxury and is my “I don’t need  a man, I have a rabbit” rabbit.


7 thoughts on “About Me:

    • Well if I do half as well as you then I know I am doing well. I wish I had listened to my teachers in school when they had told me one day I would need this – who knew they were right??!!

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  3. Just one thing.
    I was going over your blog and the “A LITTLE BACKGROUND” page is all white, you should change the font color because I didn’t know it was there till I selected and it highlighted what you’ve written.
    you may delete this comment after reading.

    • Thanks for the heads up. I didn’t even think about looking at that page, when I changed it all. I did realise a whole load of important buttons are also unfindable (yes that is a word) but I haven’t had the time to sort as I am a complete technophobe and it will take me a few days, a bottle and a half of wine and probably will involve tears!! Thanks

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