hanging on by my fingertips!

I think BD is trying to push me over the edge!

We have the most lovely morning routine when he comes to stop at mine. I get up throw him in the car and we go to this lovely field where we can watch the sun come up and have great fun throwing a tennis ball around in a field, until BD begrudgingly follows me back to the car – he can melt hearts with those sad puppy eyes. And as he doesn’t want to leave me (I hope) he has taken to walking the return journey to the car at a snail’s pace, dropping the tennis ball every 100 yards and pleading with me to not go to work and spend the entire day with him. Which if I could I so would!!

However, it is not this heart-breaking walk back to the car that is going to push me over the edge. It is the very fun game that BD has discovered, which we now play every morning when on the field and I don’t know how much longer I can take it. You see it would appear that I have developed a new relationship in my life, and I have become emotionally attached to……his tennis ball!

Yep, you read that right, for whatever god only knows reason I have become emotionally attached to his tennis ball (which is already in a pretty bad shape and is hanging onto life by a thread!) I realised my attachment to this ball may be slightly more than the norm when on one morning early into the spilt, BD dropped the ball in a pile of leaves and neither of us could find it. I burst into tears; I stood there in the middle of a forest and sobbed my heart out because we couldn’t find the tennis ball. I spent far too long looking for the thing and finally ended up at work, puffy faced, red eyed, a little late and very stressed.

It would appear that BD has picked up on this blooming new relationship and for reasons known only to him he disapproves (Ok I can see why he would). So now we play the most fun game every morning when I have him. We walk to the field, I throw the ball using the chucker thingy that I carry and BD shoots after it, tail wagging and we repeat. I begin to relax, enjoy the walk and think actually I can do this dying alone thing, and then he does it to me. He ‘pretends’ to drop the ball. The problem is it is dark and the dog should be an actor, because I cannot tell when he has dummy dropped it and when he has properly dropped it. He does the ‘drop’, the circle around and then the down starring into a patch of grass where he ‘dropped’ the ball and stays still except for his wagging tail. So I walk over to the grass, begin my search and as I fail to locate the ball I feel the panic rising!!

The entire time I will be talking to him about where is it, what’s he done with it. I will look at him, back to the grass patch, back at him, search the grass patch wider and then on my final look back at him he will magic the ball and it will be at his paws while he lies there with this big goofy grin on his face. Meanwhile I pull myself down from the ceiling and we begin the game all over again!!

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