Playing games

Yep, it would appear I have regressed to a two year old and despite myself I can’t help playing little games in the hope of winning him back. Or is it that I am growing some (metaphorical) balls?

It would appear that the game playing started sometime last week, when I decided that I would go on a date with a guy, lets call him Bob, who I have known for a while. I know this may make me sound awful but it was a low risk date, as although lovely Bob is not my type and it would never lead to anything serious. Bob and I had talked a few times before deciding to meet up for lunch and I knew we had things in common and so I thought that this would mean that this would make an ideal none date date. I feel even worse for saying this but a significant motivation for this was that I had plans with him and BD earlier in the day and so I would be able to drop into conversation that I had to be home early to meet Bob, and just leave this fact to sit and hopefully stab him in the heart a few times.

OMG the date was so bad. Turns out that Bob although a lovely, sweet guy has absolutely no conversational skills. Every time I spoke he looked bored and if I asked him about himself to try and rekindle any from him. He gave me one word answers. Honestly I bonded more with the married waiter (yes I looked) that I did with this guy. He was stuffy about paying the bill (which due to a massive offer was not in double figures) and then argued when I left a decent tip for the waiter. You could have knocked me over with a feather when he then asked if I would like to go for a drink. However, more fool me, I felt bad that he had had to pay the not double figure cost of lunch and so agreed. I did think maybe in a quite bar he may be more likely to come out of himself – he didn’t!!

I could have really done with that date going well, to prove to myself that there are great guys out there to be found when I want to start looking again. But the universe clearly had other ideas and so I went home and burst into tears remembering how perfect the first few dates with him were.

He has asked about the date, but I haven’t shared many details. Well technically it is none of his business anymore!!

The other ‘move’ I have made is about to play out. He is stuck working late tonight and so offered to let me have BD for the evening. I was super excited and said I would collect him from the house when I finished work. He offered to drop him at my work. The big difference is when dropping at my work I go out and say hello and unlock my car, when collecting him from his house I don’t have to see him. However now I am playing my game, growing balls or just going completely insane I have decided to counter the ‘collect him from work’ card with the ‘car is unlocked and everything I need to hand over to you is left on the drivers seat’ card.

Yep I’m 20 odd going on 2!!!

7 thoughts on “Playing games

  1. They say you have to kiss a lot of frogs to find a prince! Seriously, I hope you will meet someone that is right for you when you are ready for a relationship again.

  2. I remember playing similar games when faced with my situation. I couldn’t help it! I was so completely irrational at that time. When I look back, I can’t believe that was me. I’m glad you’re trying to keep your distance, though. That part is not a game. It is necessary.

    • The problem is I’m a bit of a fussy bugger and won’t settle. That’s what’s so annoying, for years I was single because I hadn’t found anyone ‘good’ enough. He was everything I never knew I wanted, wrong on so many levels and yet so right for me!!

      If I knew this relationship was ending because he or I thought we could find better then it would be easier to move on. He has openly admitted I am his world, that he won’t find anyone as good. And I…

      I will move on eventually! XX

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