I had no choice!

Today I worry I smell. I don’t by the way, I asked one of my colleagues, but when I got out of the car this morning I was greeted by a god awful smell which seemed to be following me. The worse part of this smell was that I could only smell it occasionally and so I was convinced it’s me – hence asking if someone would ‘sniff me!’

The ‘smell’ stuck around all day and kept coming and going but I relaxed slightly know it wasn’t me that smelt. That was until lunchtime. You see I had eat ups for lunch. And what I hear you ask did I have for lunch? Well I had pasta with mozzarella and home-made garlic pesto. I worried the garlic pesto may have been a mistake when making up my lunch last night, but it was late and I really couldn’t be arsed so I put in a small amount and said a silent pray that I wouldn’t stink.

This afternoon, having heated the pasta slightly (I hoped not heating it fully would contain the smell) I took the lid off and the smell of garlic hit me. On the positive it made a change from the god awful smell I had smelt all day, but I knew this meant that I would smell for the rest of the afternoon – my poor co-workers! I ate and washed up from lunch as quickly as possible, but I felt the garlic smell followed me. I could almost taste it when I breathed, which was odd as it hadn’t tasted that garlicy!

I did considerer not breathing for the rest of the afternoon, but as that was a no go I searched my handbag, colleagues and desk draws in an attempt to find anything minty to take the smell away. I did find and consider a packet of peppermint Rennies, but I was worried that taking these without having a stomach ache could possible cause a stomach ache and so I dug a little further and that it when I found an ‘after dinner mint’ graze box!
It contained minted raisins, nuts and dark chocolate buttons. Well I had to take one for the team, it was for the good of the others not myself and so I forced myself to eat chocolate.

I know just call me Saint Lauranne!