A Poppy update

So I though I would intersperse all the ‘woe is me’ with an update on everyone’s favourite rabbit…well at least she is mine… well at least she is mine today. I’ll let you know if I feel the same tomorrow!

This week has seen some very interesting developments…

Until last night I thought we had mastered the litter tray, she had been completely clean for almost a week – then last night she pooped in front of my fire.

She has taken to huddling in the only part of the cage I can’t actually reach her (yes she has a new bigger cage) when I try to get her out to let her have a run around, and the other night she headed into her bedding area and started thumping her feet at me – I need to look into what this means!

She has a mad moment every day when she runs as fast as she possibly can around my lounge, behind the two settees and across the lounge floor. It is the sweetest thing.

She is trying to claim the spare room as my own. She head butts her way into it, despite the door being pulled closed, and refuses to leave (an hour I spent trying to get her out the other day) so she is no longer allowed upstairs.

She has taken to chewing on my carpet and my skirting boards. I keep telling her that i she doesn’t behave we will fall out – she either doesn’t believe me or doesn’t care.

Depending on her mood I am the most scary thing in the house ever, or her biggest bestest friend. On occasions she will snuggle into me, and it is a really special moment… then she will nip me to let me know she wants down. I did some research into the whole biting thing (well my mum did. I still need to look into it) and the suggestion was I should squeak when she nips me to show it hurts – I think they are going with the similar train of thought as teaching bite inhibition to a puppy. So the other day she bit me, I squeaked and her reaction… she bit me again!

I would love to make this into a weekly update session – what do you think? Any one fancy coming up with a good title?

4 thoughts on “A Poppy update

  1. I also laughed about her nipping you again because that’s exactly what I did as a pup – I bit the bipeds harder for being sily and making a fuss!
    Could you try giving her whatever bunnies like to chew when she nips you and tries to chew up the house?

    • Well if she grows up to be as well behaved as you, I will be happy! She has treats, toys, boredom busters, willow sticks.. I have even let her nibble on the three ornamental logs I had near the fire. She’s such a monkey she looks at me before doing naughty things as if she is daring me!

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