Another one bites the dust

So I bet you are all desperate to know how my date went on Friday (what do you mean you don’t sit by the computer waiting for me to update you on my failing love life? #rude!)

The date was ok. The film was good, the company wasn’t bad. We snuggled in the cinema while watching the film, which was really lovely, and he walked me to the car where there was a good night kiss. Did I want to see him again – maybe, did I see us walking down the aisle and having a life together – no.

But then today he has text to say he likes someone else. He said I was brilliant and if things hadn’t started with this girl then he would have definitely wanted to see me again… but they have, so he doesn’t.

To be honest I don’t know how I feel.

Upset that he prefers someone else, honestly no. It’s a relief not to yet again do the ‘I think we should just be friends’ talk. But I have been left feeling a little dejected. When I started online dating it was overjoyed to see that there were actually attractive single men out there, but as it goes on I feel a bit disheartened by it all.

I reached a new low last night when I discussed the possibility of becoming friends with benefits with a friend. I enjoy and miss having sex, but I know one night stands are not for me. So I thought two single people, who care about each other but admit they wouldn’t work as a couple sorting out their ‘itches’ may be the way to go. He seemed really keen, until push came to shove and then he backed out.

He has said the usual, he really fancies me, had it been less spur of the moment then we could have… doesn’t matter really. At the end of the day I still feel like I offered myself up on a plate for a bit of fun, and was yet again turned down.

I’ve officially hand my fill of dating. I have a couple lined up, but want to back out… I still might. Can’t wait for my subscription to run out!

8 thoughts on “Another one bites the dust

  1. 2 crappy responses- bummer!! Guess you’re left sorting out your “itches” yourself then, eh? hehehe. Don’t lose heart! Your love could be out there losing hope on his online dating profile too, and if you give up first how will he ever find you?!

  2. I don’t think you should give up either. You never know where and when you’ll meet Mr. Almost Perfect (cause everyone has their faults!)…he might be just ’round the next bend, and if you cancel that subscription you’ll always wonder, “what if?”

    • On the other hand, the universe is capricious. In a bizarre kinda “&*%# you,” you’ll meet the man of your life a week after you cancel your membership so you can wonder why you bothered all that time. 😉

      • Hey you, missed you. So need to head across to yours to see what’s going on with you!! I’m trying to become very zen like about the whole thing, when it is meant to be it will be!

    • My plan is to see the subscription out, then just come off it for a while, then when the time is right go back onto a better sight where they actually suggest people who fit your profile!

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