Merry Christmas

Do you have something that makes it feel like Christmas?

I know that sometimes I struggle to feel Christmassy and this year in particular I just can’t believe that Christmas day is tomorrow. I’m all ready, Christmas presents bought, wrapped and placed under the tree, and I have been for a while. The joy of a December birthday means I start planning Christmas early as there is a Christmas embargo on the week surrounding my birthday, and so some presents have been hidden away in the bottom of my wardrobe for month. Annoyingly this does mean that on occasions I have been known to forget about a present and so bought someone two – which was particularly annoying the year I bough my sister a very expensive bracelet forgot about it and then bought her a second present. I blew my Christmas gift limit for her that year!

For me there is one song that I need to hear to put my in the Christmas mood. I don’t know why it is this song – I am guessing due to years of High School Christmas Carol services. But I have been scanning the radio for the last few days in an attempt to hear it, failed and so searched YouTube (which would have been easier had I known the name of the song!) Anywho…

My Christmas song, shared with you to spread some festive cheer:

I hope you all have a heart warming Christmas and get everything you need…and a little of what you want!

Thank you for the love and support you have shown me over the last few months, I don’t know if you will every understand just how much your support, guidance and friendship has meant to me.

Merry Christmas

6 thoughts on “Merry Christmas

  1. I hope you had a wonderful Christmas! I have a cousin who was born on Christmas Day and I always wondered if she felt robbed. LOL I hope you had a good birthday as well!!

  2. My mother in law’s b-day is right after the holiday, and she’s mentioned before that she felt gipped growing up. 😦

    I hope you had a very merry happy wonderful BIRTHDAY!! (And a nice Christmas too). 🙂

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