Save the blow dry – update

Today is going to be short and sweet I am afraid as I am running around like a headless chicken trying to sort house and final Christmas stuff – friendly advice do not look at buying a house this close to Christmas. I have letters which give me x amount of days to do stuff and right in the middle of this time frame is a massive bank holiday!! Not that I mind as I will be relaxing over Christmas with my friends and family and personally I think that more shops should give their staff more time off over Christmas – but that’s a different post for another day!

Anyway, you may have seen my review on the SAVE THE BLOW DRY shower cap if not you can see it here. If not go and check it out – there are some really bad photos and a brilliant product. My only concern with the product was that it seemed to struggle to dry out after use and so I was worried about how long it would last. I sent my review to the company, just to be nice and perhaps persuade them to send me more free stuff – I’m buying a house and am now officially broke!! – and they responded:

“Great! Thank you for sending over and the pics are great!

Re. condensation – just make sure you leave the towelling side in the air after use (ie: either sit it upside down to dry, or turn inside out) and if you give the towel side a quick blast with a hairdryer every now and then (not for so long that it melts the plastic outer!), that should do the trick.”

I liked the company and product anyway but the fact that they have taken the time to respond and address the issues, despite me not asking shows a great level of customer service.

Looking forward to hearing from you....?!

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