He isn’t my Ex!

So I have decided it’s time. Today I went back to the beginning of my blog, to my very first post and read (well until I ran out of time!) I wanted to see what I had told you guys about, what I hadn’t shared, how my writing style had improved… and boy were there some glaring errors!

However as I read my posts, flicked through page after page I noticed there was one common theme. I was really badly treated by my ex!

(Bet ya never thought you’d read that did you?)

I mean I wasn’t badly treated in the way some woman are badly treated, but I was living my life with a moody grumpy guy. Where one ‘wrong’ move from me would end up with me in trouble. One thing I remember he used to do was misunderstand me, but then get grumpy with and blame me for the misunderstanding. For a guy who used to boast about his conversational skills, he was actually really really bad at listening!

This thought occurred to me earlier in the week too. I sent my new fella (need to give him a name) a text which he didn’t understand. When his response came my gut told me he was mad, he was angry… but when I took time to actually read what he had written there was no such response. He was fine with it.

It’s made me appreciate even more what I have.

I need to keep reminding myself that this is a new relationship. That I am dating a new, even better, guy… I genuinely don’t know what I did to be lucky enough for him to have chosen me! He is kind, and caring and he deserves his own chance to mess up, he can’t be punished for a crime he hasn’t committed.

So I need to  keep reminding myself that this is new. That this is different… and figure out a way to quiet the voices.

4 thoughts on “He isn’t my Ex!

  1. Glad things have changed in these almost 2 months I’ve gone.
    From what I gather you are in a good place nice.

    • I am indeed. It has taken me long enough (and thank you for being there through it!) but yeah new job going well, new relationship going well – in fact I am now officially a smug happy person! (or would be if I could get rid of the voices!!) Missed you x

  2. I wish I knew how to stop the voices. Perhaps writing it down. The little voice says, “but SOB did this.” Write down what SOB did. Then next to it right, “But Mr. Wonderful does this.” and write what Mr. Wonderful does. Then the voices have nothing to say. Or you could just tell them to shut the eff up. 😉

    • Actually writing it down is a pretty good idea, as I try to do it in my head and stop them but the voices are so good at a counter argument! I do keep trying to look at the big things (like he is planning a holiday for us, wants to go to a family wedding with me…) I just need to keep focusing on that! and remember if it does all go to tits I can survive that too – won’t be the first time!

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