Who doesn’t eat lettuce?

I have a bit of a weird memory (what this is me, you didn’t think it could just be good or bad did you?!). In some ways I would say it is fantastic. I can remember details from way back, ironically I can’t remember anything to tell you I have remembered right now, but trust me things that are important I remember.

But in some ways I am also rubbishly forgetful. Friends boyfriends names – not a clue (although this is not as much of a problem anymore as they all decided to marry men with the same name). I forget important dates, birthdays, anniversaries – I would be struggling without Facebook, hell I struggle to hit the date with Facebook.

It really annoys me that I forget these things, especially as I spend so much time and try so hard to commit these things to memory. It seems to be if I say to myself “this is important, remember this” it is almost a code to my memory “make sure you forget this”. I’ve got a friend who has had a crush on the same person for the better part of our friendship, yet can I remember this persons name? They tell me stuff and I will really try to remember, but next time we are having a conversation I will ask a question and they will look at me as if to say “I told you this!”

My concern is that people will mistake this inability to remember as indifference and think that I don’t care; which couldn’t be further from the truth.

So please take this as notice. I do value each and every one of you. I will remember and cherish everything that you tell me but I will also completely forget the majority of the technical details you share. I will laugh with you, cry with you and cheer for you with everything that I have. I will be on the end of the tweet if ever you want your hand holding while your pet goes into surgery or drinking a bottle of wine thinking about the trials you are facing.

So please over look when I forget some of the details. It’s not that I don’t care, it is just that I am rubbish. For example today I have spent most of my day trying to remember which of my friends doesn’t eat lettuce before a friend comes round for dinner tonight (yes I am holding a dinner party despite the fact I don’t have a functioning kitchen!). I know one of them doesn’t but I will be damned if I can remember which one – it isn’t one of you is it?

3 thoughts on “Who doesn’t eat lettuce?

  1. My memory is just like yours! I almost forgot my own birthday. I forget my husband’s all the time. And recently, I forgot Maya’s birthday!!! I just posted about it today on the pet auto safety blog, but her birthday was actually on the 25th!!! Bad, bad mama.

    By the way, I don’t eat iceburg lettuce. It has almost no nutritional value. If I have to eat vegetables darn it, they are going to be healthy vegetables! Otherwise, what’s the point?

  2. Of course I don’t eat lettuce, I’m not a rabbit! BOL!!
    My male biped won’t eat it either. The female biped only eats it occasionally, which most people find strange as they think that vegetarians live on salad!

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