Some bugger has sold on my information and I am not happy.

I’ve just been called by an idiot wanting to ‘discuss the most cost effective energy tariff for me’. It was not a long conversation as after the chaos I have gone through trying to switch from EDF (who are crap) to British Gas (who currently I would only rate marginally better) I told him where he could stick his call.

However as I hit the ‘end call’ button my mind started to whirl as the gentleman hadn’t asked to speak to ‘me me’ he had asked to speak to ‘blog me’.

To being with I was more aware of getting him off the phone as I was at work and hate taking calls while sat in the office – I think it harks back to the bullying when my every move was listened to and analysed. But now I have hung up I want to know where he got my details from. I protect my personal details so carefully, it’s one of the reasons I have a ‘blog me’ and I have begun to use ‘blog me’ when I enter competitions.

But now a company has sold on my details and this does not make for a happy Lauranne. This company has obtained my ‘blog name’, house address and mobile telephone number (something which I very rarely give out). I feel I should be able to do something. I have an urge to write a letter of complaint to someone, but I don’t know who has been so careless with my information.

Passing on my details is not ok. Passing on anyone’s details is not ok. I have had friends ask me for phone numbers of mutual friends and even in that situation I will get approval from the friend who’s details I am handing across before I give anything out.

I now want the idiot to call me back so that I can grill him as to how he has obtained my details. I have considered calling back the number he rang on, but I don’t want to make further contact with them.

I am tempted to contact every company I have reviewed for and ask if it was they who cared so little about my privacy (luckily there isn’t many!) but I don’t know what good that would do. So I am just going to Grrr at you and add a disclaimer on my emails that my personal details are not to be passed on and if I find out they have I will not only name and shame but wish them a slow painful death – too much??

3 thoughts on “Some bugger has sold on my information and I am not happy.

  1. Unfortunately it happens all too often and it s infuriating. It is so wrong. One of the main culprits is our council who sell the electoral roll information. Should not be allowed. Grrrr! Have a tremendous Thursday.
    Best wishes Molly

  2. I’m not sure how it works in the UK. I’m actually not sure here in the US either. I do know that we can put our phone number on a national do-not-call registry and telemarketers are not supposed to call. If they do, there is an agency we can report to. Still, my information has been sold and I’ve ended up with a lot of junk mail as a result.

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