OMG I think Google thinks I’m a sex pest!!

To begin with I’m going to get a little technical on you, although as most of you are bloggers I am assuming you already know this, but we all know what assumptions can do. So..

When you preform a Google search the result you receive back is unique to you. As the internet and technology gets cleverer Google is working hard to ensure that you are shown exactly what you search for when you search. So it uses information it has already gleamed from you (location, other sites you have searched etc) to produce a unique result. Meaning if you and I all searched “Little Black Dress” the websites we would be ‘delivered’ as a result of the search would vary. Does that make sense? Good, then on with my story.


So the other day I had reason to Google the term ‘Cookie Cutters’. As I was scrolling through the images I was amused to discover that you could buy ‘sex position cutters’.

The mind boggles!!
See they are actual things

I had to giggle (because clearly I am a child) and decided I would show my friend. I told them to search cookie cutters and that they would know what they were looking for when they saw them.

The problem is they didn’t.

No matter how far down they scrolled they were not offered sex position cookie cutters.

Knowing that Google pics your results based for you, I feel like I have been judged by Google…… and they have an interesting opinion of me!!