Copy Cats

Last night the cutest thing happened! Once again I had BD and so I was trying to keep some semblance of order to his and Mitys interactions. The big problem I am having is that they really want to play together, but they don’t really know how. I am concerned that if they try either Mity will get hurt or BD will freak himself out, snap at Mity and Mity will regress into himself and BD will also take a massive step backwards as every time he snaps we go back to the beginning.

Anyway, they are being very funny in their attempts to figure things out. BD has taken to watching Mity with an extraordinary amount of interest, a silly grin on his face and forwards ears. Mity has taken to acting like a puppy, he chews on sleeves (not leaving a hole) attacks the blankets in his bed and bounds from room to room hoping that someone will chase him. Until BD takes up the offer then he freezes terrified and hides under the table!

This new playful Mity means that for the first time BD is hearing Mity ‘talk’ whilst he is trying to play. This ‘talking’ is in the form of a grumble and an almost mew type sound. Not like a cat though more like someone saying meh meh meh meh without opening their lips – go on try it, I’ll wait! Anyway they first few times Mity did this BD would run at him, I think to see if he was ok as there was no grr and he seemed relaxed. He would also body block me by standing in front of me or trying to sit in my lap so maybe this is more protective?? (Comments appreciated.) I am always sat on the floor with them when they do this so I can grab BDs collar when he surges forward, and cause from this position I can stroke them bother at the same time; one on one side and one on the other.

Anyway, last night for the first time after Mity has spoken BD tried it. It was the cutest thing, he looked confused as he was doing it and started off so quietly it was almost a whisper. The two of them have really become quite close and very funny together and I know they will miss each other when I move out and they no longer have their daily nights together. There are times now when I come home from work and Mity will check behind me and then look as if to say “Well where is he?” and whenever we are out walking if BD smells something, Mity will check it out, if BD pees, then Mity is peeing on top of it, in fact if we would let him he would stick his head in mid flow. I know that the peeing on pee thing is scent marking, but it does make me so happy to see them both interact!!