#PimpmyRabbit – Teeny Terror

The other night I was in the other room while Poppy completely destroyed exercised in my front room. On hearing an unusual noise I called out to her (I wasn’t in a position where I could go look)

“Oye, Teeny Terror what are you doing?”

I was expecting nothing, or worse than nothing a crash. However, instead I suddenly saw a very tiny nose peak round the corner of the room that I was in.

Yes my rabbit comes when she is called…

Although I don’t know if I should be impressed or a little mortified that she thinks her name is ‘Teeny Terror!’

Well if the shoe fits... (sorry for the quality but I wanted to grab the photo!)
Well if the shoe fits… (sorry for the quality but I wanted to grab the photo!)

#PimpmyRabbit – Trouble maker

Those of you who have been following my blog for a while will know I was worried about Poppy not settling in and knowing that this was home…

Yeah really no need to worry. She thinks she owns the place!

Yes, she is scent marking my lamp. Yes, she did get told off for it. No she did not give one little hoot! 

#PimpmyRabbit – Settee Fun!

Since Poppy is such a total nightmare a big part of my life now I have decided it is time she earned her keep featured more prominently on my blog and so welcome to a fun new feature that I am now going to run called #PimpmyRabbit.

I don’t fully know what form this will take, quite yet. Probably a rant about her latest trouble making, but for this week, hopefully this will make you smile as much as this made me smile – she really is a happy bunny!