I really can’t catch a break.

90 quid. That’s how much I was quoted to install a tv aerial into my new house. 90 quid I could afford. It was all booked for last Monday and I crossed another task off my to-do list.


Monday afternoon I received a phone call “I’m sorry but our fitter got caught on a longer job, can we come later this week?” I said it wasn’t a problem and asked if they could come Friday afternoon. We agreed on 3pm.


3pm came and went. No fitter. I rang the office. No reply. I sent an email. No reply. I called the office again….you get the picture. Finally over an hour later the phone was answered in the office and I was assured that my fitter would be on his way. I told them I needed them there that day, as I have a guy coming to fit cable this week. I was assured they would arrive.


4.30pm came and went.


5pm came and went. I started ringing again. This time the phone was answered and I told the gentleman on the other end I expected his fitter to turn up and that I would wait in the house until they arrived. He apologised, told me he would call me back with a time and that the fitter would turn up. No worries.


5.30pm came and went. I once again dialled their number and after 5 attempts got through. I enquired as to the location of my fitter and the phone call I was promised. They assured me he would be on his way and they would once again call me back once after making some enquiries.


6pm came and went. No fitter, no phone call.


7pm came and went.


8pm came and went.


9pm came and went.


10pm came and went.


11pm came and went.


I gave up and headed home.


9am this morning I started calling their office. 11am and I have written them off as a bad job so I found and rang a second company.


They can fit me in.


They can do it tomorrow.


They can do it for £180 minimum.


I queried the price, they said they do a good job and aren’t cowboys.


So that’s £180. £180 I haven’t budgeted for, and as this is move in week and I need to buy food, tv licence and have a friend coming to stay it’s £180 I just can’t afford.