Scottish Independence #VoteYes #VoteNo?

I can’t help but watch the unfolding story of Scotland as ‘they’ vote for their independence….or not. I don’t know which way the vote will go. I think it’s too close to call. Part of me hopes they will vote ‘Yes’ but that’s mainly because I would love to see what would happen if the ‘Yes’ vote  won. What would it mean for Scotland, what would it mean for the rest of us?

I have followed the twitter feeds as people voice the reason as to why they are voting yes. As one tweeter pointed out there appears to be no corresponding #nobecause stream trending, however part of me wonders if that is because of the scare tactics that people are talking about with people too afraid to admit that they may be voting no?

But I’m not here to focus on that. I am a firm believer of if you hear two sides of a story if you look somewhere down the middle you are likely to get the true-est version of events. I don’t think either side can claim to be ‘whiter than white’.

Reading the twitter streams it was filled with people who are voting ‘yes’ because they are pissed off with our rubbish government and the politicians who govern. I can’t say I blame them. The last time I voted I will admit to ‘ruining my vote’ as not one of the names on that piece of paper was worthy of my vote and I told them that; wrote it across my ballot sheet in black pen. I don’t know if the message will have reached those in power (I sincerely doubt it) but I felt proud. I had exercised my right to vote but had indicated my displeasure at the ‘parties’ on offer.

How many people know that you can spoil a vote?

Russell Brand was very vocal about encouraging people not to turn out to vote at the last election; to show your displeasure. However, I think a low turn up can be mistaken for people just not caring, I think you are much better to turn up and spoil your vote, tell them they aren’t good enough. Could you imagine turning on the news to hear that 100% of voters had turned out yet 90% had spoilt their vote as they felt the political parties weren’t good enough? I bet it would hit home a lot more than “this year only 20% of the population turned up to vote”.

Reading through the reasons to vote Yes I couldn’t help but sit there thinking “but that’s how we all feel” or at least that’s how I feel. Peoples need for a food bank – appalling; the growing privatisation of the NHS – shocking; our education system – failing; Nick Cleggs broken promises, over paid politicians, illegal wars, the expenses scandal, lack sentences for criminals……

But I couldn’t help but feel the way to fight this is together, not apart.

Do people of Scotland really believe that their politicians will be any better behaved than the ones currently in the Houses of Parliament? Do they not think that promises will be broken? Bad decisions made? Surely the way to do this is to stand up together, as a nation and force our politicians to do more; to be better.

Before looking at the reasons people voted, I was hoping that Scotland voted Yes. I wanted to see the fall out, watch the fireworks, I was a once in a life time event and I was wanted to be around to witness it, have a story to tell my grandkids. Hell, I’d even figured it all out – Northern Ireland wants to be British, Scotland doesn’t so let’s just do a bit of a swop. Northern Ireland gets Scotland, Scotland gets Northern Ireland Bobs your Uncle and everyone is happy.

I will even admit to agreeing with a tweet saying that if Scotland votes no the rest of the UK should then be given a vote to see if we want them back.

But now I am keeping everything crossed for a no vote. Because I can’t help but feel united we stand, divided….. well you know the rest!