Pet Bloggers Gift Exchange – Oh My Dog!

How about I start 2015 with a confession. I have once again bitten off far more than I can chew, and I owe the very lovely Maggie from Oh My Dog a slight (gigantic) apology. You see I signed up for the Pet Blogger Gift Exchange again this year having enjoyed taking part so much last year (ok, yes I am technically not a pet blogger but the lovely Pamela who organises this over looks that small matter) and having been matched with Maggie I promptly forgot all about the entire thing until this morning.

I always feel very sorry for the people who end up paired with me. They sign up for a pet blogger exchange and then get lumped with…well me.  Whereas I always end up with the loveliest people who remind me of me, but are such a better kick ass version of myself and Maggie is no different.

I knew she was my kinda girl when the first post I came across came with a disclaimer “This rambling post brought to you by Finals Week! And Emmett stress! And Cooper stress! And too much coffee! Way, way, way too much coffeeee!” I can’t remember the times I have gone a little crazy after too much coffee, and there was one time I ran around M & S with one shoe one and one off, trouser legged pulled up, screaming “I need this” because I had skipped lunch and drank about 4 cans of Lucozade in one sitting!

I am struggling to sum up quite how brilliant Maggie is… yes this ‘wonder woman’ not only writes a daily (almost) witty, intelligent grammatically correct blog (she is a self-confessed grammar geek – I wonder if she’s currently going through my blog with a red pen?) but whilst preparing for finals she finds time to help with rescues, is currently experimenting with cooking for one of her dogs who is struggling with dietary issues, backs up her computer once a month (I have never done mine) and still finds time to sings down an empty wrapping paper tube at her dog.

If you have a few minutes to spare today I implore you to head across to meet Maggie and her ‘pack’ she is guaranteed to raise your spirits!

Maggie with Emmett, Lucas and Cooper.
Maggie with Emmett, Lucas and Cooper.

Pet Blogger Gift Exchange – American Dog Blog

I signed up for the gift exchange not being 100% certain of what to expect. Being me having signed up I panicked that the poor person paired with me would look at my blog and think they had been stuck with the ‘Christmas Turkey’. Although I am lucky enough to be sat here today with BD nudging my arm as I type and Mity in the next room I don’t know if I qualify as a pet blogger. I didn’t know if anyone has been turned down for any of the past pet blogger exchanges – but I was terrified that I would be the first!!

However, not only was I accepted (whoop!) but I have been given the most wonderful exchange ‘gift’ as I was paired with the amazing Dawn from American Dog Blog.

The Gang from American Dog Blog
The Gang from American Dog Blog

Now I must apologise to Dawn, my crazy hectic life has distracted me slightly and so I have not spent as much time on your blog as I would have liked or intended to. This means that I am struggling slightly to share much about Dawn as a pet blogger or the lovely Maya and Pierson, I can’t shed shed light on their relationship or list some recommended reads from her blog.

However I can wax lyrical about the wonderful Dawn as a truly amazing person. There is no need to mention the current issues i have going on, however I can tell you that Dawn has been amazingly supportive and kind, even when I have moaned to her about the same thing for what must feel like the 1000th time! I value Dawn so much and I am so so pleased that fate (aka Pamela) has brought us together.

Dawn is a girl after my own heart and we seem to have a lot in common. If she didn’t live so far away I am certain we would spend many a fantastic evening sharing tears and laughter over a bottle of wine…or three! Dawn has become someone who I know I can turn to when the going get tough and she embodies everything that is great about the bogging community. Her heart and kindness is evident as is her passion…… and I really worry that I am not doing her justice with this post.

As part of the exchange we were supposed to exchange gifts, but as she lives in America – the clue is sort of in the name – and I don’t we decided instead that we would donate our gifts to a local rescue. As I am just beyond rubbish I am yet to make my donation, but I was so pleased that Dawn was happy to bend the rules slightly with me and that we became rebels together.

I could wax lyrical about how amazing Dawn is, but instead I want to encourage you to stop by the American Dog Blog. As trust me you want this lady in your life!!

Pierson and Maya
Pierson and Maya