Mitty and BD

I may or may not have mentioned – my memory is rubbish, and I feel that may be how many of my posts start! – but I sort of have two dogs. And sort of is not a mistake, I do sort of have two.

The first is my very lovely Cairn, Mitty, who I lived with for 12 years however he was bought as a family dog by my parents – I can even remember the sit down talk when my sister and I were sat down and told the new puppy was a family dog. Unfortuantely that meant when I moved in with OH I had to leave my very lovely Cairn at home.

The second dog is OH dog, BD he is the most lovely welsh collie – although like OH he does come with his own issues which we are working on. As much as I love him, BD still remains my partners dog, it was the two boys together before I came along and they have been throw a lot. I do like to think BD loves me, and I am sure he does – however he will almost always look for comformation from OH before doing whatever it is I have asked for!

The two of them couldn’t be more different:
– Mitty is small and grey, BD is large and ginger
– Mitty loves everybody, BD has fear aggresion (which we are workng on)
– Mitty went to training classes and was trained on a daily basis by my mother, BD i don’t now for sure but imagine his training routine was not as strict. Yet BD will come when called whereas Mitty will only come if there is nothing better to do (and he takes his time to check!)
– BD will curl up next to me, or on me on the couch and nudges me if my hand stops stroking him for even a second. Mitty will sit next to me, if the mood takes him, but if I dare to touch him he will move – ideally to the fire, which he would have on 24/7 if allowed, and glare at me for daring to touch him.

So there you have it my two sort of dogs!