fuss about nothing

I have written before about my morning routine and how I this has significantly changed since I had moved back in with my parents. Well I once of the many things that has been playing on my minds is the change to my evening routine…

I am one of these people who are better busy. When OH and I initially started dating I was out every day of the week with Zumba, aquafit, poolates, singing lessons, drama, meeting friends. My life was a whirlwind of running from one activity to another, and although this tired me out I loved it.

When OH and I moved in together a lot of these activities stopped mainly because I moved away from where a lot of the activates were held but also because I was warn out from rushing here, there and everywhere and I wanted some time to re-coup. This lead to a new routine where I got in from work, walked BD or we all went out on a cycle ride, did some training (of BD not OH – maybe that’s where I went wrong!), brushed BD, cooked tea, cleaned up, did housework, sorted lunch for the next day, washing….. I spent my evenings busy in a new way and I loved it!

I may have previously mentioned this but pre living with OH I was always a bit of a TV addict and I used the TV as others may use the radio. This meant that far too many times, I would waste an entire evening watching nothing but rubbish on TV. I felt this was a waste, and to avoid this I did all the pre-mentioned activities. OH didn’t like having the TV on all the time, and through living with him I have rediscovered my love for reading books and on an evening we would both curl up in bed and read for a while before falling asleep in each others arms. In fact I am massively impressed with myself that on the last weekend away with OH the TV didn’t go on once!

Knowing I was moving home I knew I would not have as much to fill my evening with, I am saving like a maniac and commuting miles so I can no longer afford all the clubs I did before. Also the long commute means I am now getting home in the cold and dark and after a long tedious day getting on my bike and heading out in the cold and rain, without the proper gear, is not top of my list of things to do. I worried that I would quickly slip back into old habits of watching rubbish on TV until late in the evening.

Last night, while working on my computer I had the TV on in the background, mum and dad had gone up to bed and left it on and I was killing time until Made in Chelsea came on – yes it is my guilty pleasure, I watch it and can spend the entire programme yelling abuse at stupid rich people! A newish television programme came on the screen – Gogglebox. For those of you who have not seen it, basically it is a programme watching peoples reactions as they watch television programmes from that week – a new cultural low I feel. On odd occasions I would glance up from my computer screen to see what was eliciting such shrieks and screams from the people ‘starring’ in this show and this is how I ended up watching:
– A woman masturbating a walrus, with a close up on his face and neither region as he approached and then climaxed. (God knows how I am ever going to get those images out of my head, good job it is a long time before I will be having sex again!
– Drunken blokes peeing in a toilet and then rolling on the floor of this night club toilets covering themselves in god knows what!

Concerned that I would end up watching rubbish on TV – no idea why I worried about that!!

it’s not nagging – I am just reminding you for the 100th time!

Since moving in with OH he has complained multiple times that I have started to nag and at inconvenient times, I wonder if that could be seen as a nag from him??! Anyway the worst part is I am completely aware that I have started to nag but I have argued, and will continue to argue, that it is not my fault I nag, and all some of the blame rests firmly on his shoulders!!

Examples from the last 12 hours (And as one is last night and one this morning, please note that we were asleep for at least 8 of the last 12 hours!):

The Loo seat: Last night when getting in to bed I ‘nagged’ about him leaving the toilet seat up. I would not have had to mention the toilet seat had it not been for the fact that five minutes before getting into bed I had gone to the loo and proceeded to fall down the bowl resulting in a wet back and top of legs!! For those of you who have never fallen down the bowl not only are you very lucky, but trust me this is not a pleasant experience, can sometimes hurt and I was completely justified in mentioning it! Now his counter argument of “I should have seen the seat was up and put it down” is justified, however I have been living with him for just over a month and this is not the first time he has not lowered the seat!!

Metal utensils in non-stick pans: Now this little gem I learnt the hard way, when on my first night at Uni, when desperate to make a good impression on my new housemates, I used a scrubbing brush to clean a non-stick pan – and so I learnt that plastic utensils and leaving to soak are the only way to avoid buying a new pan every time you cook! Now I know that OH loves metal utensils, he thinks they look better and refuses to have my plastic ones on show in the kitchen and I have not argued this point, however this morning when I came down to find a metal spoon and scratches inside my new rice cooker, despite (and this is the REALLY annoying bit) the plastic spatula that came with rice cooker sitting clean on the side, waiting to be put away, I mentioned to him that I didn’t want to nag but…. Were still not talking to each other!
So my new year’s resolution for this year (which I wasn’t going to make) …… OH I promise I will stop nagging….. if you promise to stop giving me things to nag about!!!!!