I need your get well wishes


I don’t reach out for help. I overshare like hell, but I don’t reach out and ask for help when I am struggling. I was worried that people wouldn’t care if I told them I was struggling or needed help. The few times I have taken the risk and reached out I have received (a metaphorical) slap in the face and it’s very much a case of once bitten, twice shy.


However today I am asking for your help.


I am worried about Mity. My quiet unassuming little guy isn’t well and I have no idea what is wrong with him. It started last week. He started bringing up undigested food. I was worried. Then he started with the runs. He has colitis so he is never ‘firm’ but this was kinda like water running through him, flouresent yellow water – try cleaning that up from the sidewalk! But he seemed fine in himself and so we tried some egg and bran flakes to try and firm him up. It seemed to be working until he brought up the egg whole and then went off his food.


Mity refusing food is a sign of something being wrong. He is food obsessed and lives for his food, he knows his routine and sticks to it.


–          Early morning walk. Back onto the parents bed for half a bonio. Get the other half when my mum  gets up and the two of them head downstairs for breakfast.

–          Lunchtime. Two more biscuits.

–          If anyone goes out. Onto the settee for a couple of biscuits (if we get our coats, he will get onto his settee and start hunting for his biscuits. He is generally quite disappointed if he is coming with us and so gets no biscuits.

–          Dinner time. Kibble. Dinner time is 6pm but Mity will begin reminding us that it is nearly dinner time from about 4pm.

–          Evening walk. Into bed for 3 biscuits. These three biscuits he will count and has been  known to get my dad back out of bed my dad has made an error and only given him two (true story!)


If we have a visitor turn up at the house while Mity is eating he isn’t sure what to do, but more often than not finishing his tea wins out.


When we give Mity a biscuit, he takes it an drops it onto the floor and leaves it, well it’s a vet visit.


I didn’t make it to the vets with him (I was painting my house) but the report back from my parents was that he was running low on Vitamin B(something) as a result of having the runs and sickness and this was making him feel a bit sorry for himself. He was given a couple of injections and was back to his old self.


Things were starting to pick up. He has been on antibiotics and rice and egg for a few days and we thought he was over it.


Then the runs came back. Then the sickness. Then last night the refusal to eat.


Mity is fine in himself. He is happy, playful and if you walked into our house you wouldn’t know he is poorly at all.


I don’t know what to do. We are calling the vets again today to see what they suggest. But we are all worried.


Please can I ask you to send a truck load of get well wishes his way. I hate to see him like this, even though he is ok in himself. I am worried the vets have missed something. I am worried he is very poorly and we haven’t noticed.


If anyone has any advice, tips, thought or spare wine please do leave them in the comments.


Thank you

Give me a break

I had full intentions of writing something, but my cold is getting worse. I can no longer breath and/or hear and it would appear this stops my brain from functioning properly and I’m struggling to string a sentence together.

So instead this made me laugh…

borrowed from http://thumbpress.com/if-youre-afraid-of-spiders/
borrowed from http://thumbpress.com/if-youre-afraid-of-spiders/