Men are from…some crazy ass planet that’s for sure!

He’s gone. I don’t know what happened, but suddenly the guy I was interested in… who made me laugh out loud… whose texts I looked forward to receiving… who I have spent many evenings chatting too… and who had asked me out on not 1, but 2 dates has vanished off the face of the earth…..I can only assume he has been called back to his home planet!

For 5 days I have heard nothing.

The annoying thing is I have no idea why not. I had a weekend away (I will tell you about that later this week) and our last conversation was had while I was a slightly nervous wreck on the platform waiting for the train to arrive. I misread the message and thought he was basically saying “I want to have sex and if you don’t put out I will find someone who will” and I responded with ” I’m not that easy, if you are only obsessed with sex I am assuming the date is a no go?!”

I put my phone back in my pocket, called him every name under the sun and was secretly gutted he had turned out to be a tw*t.

The next evening, slightly drunk I thought it would be a good idea to re-read the messages to see where it had all gone wrong. I was a mixture between releived and horrified to realise that I had completely mis-read his message and in my (drunk) but much less stressed state I think he was just winding me up. However I then re-read my final response and actually with a fresh, unstressed, slightly tipsy head my message was no where near as bad as I first thought.

So I don’t know why he has vanished?!

He’s still on the online site (I have not been stalking but there name is highlighted when they are online so I know) and the other day he viewed my profile again. But there has been no conversation?!!

I was very brave an managed to wait until Sunday evening to send him a ‘chatty’ text. Saying I was shattered after a long weekend and letting him know my plans for the week had changed so if other days were better he just had to let me know. Nothing.

I am assuming the date is off, but he hasn’t even said that.

We added each other on Facebook (which I wouldn’t have done had we not a. gotten on so well and b, had TWO agreed upon dates in the pipeline!) and he hasn’t ‘unfriended’ me.

It makes no sense!

I think that’s what annoys me the most. If the conversation had been struggling, if we hadn’t put two dates in the diary then I could make more sense. If he had admitted to only wanting a one night stand, I would get it. But none of that has happened. He just stopped reply, but still visited my profile?

And don’t even get me started on the Facebook adding. He suggested it, and I can’t make any sense of why he would do that if I was only a ‘one night stand’ target. He didn’t need to. Dates had been set. Ok, we wouldn’t have had sex but we would have met up and then after our date he could have said, thanks but I don’t want commitment. I could be any sort of crazy psycho stalker, so why add me on Facebook if you weren’t keen and had no intention of talking to me past the next day?!

I am confused. I am a little insulted. If he’d changed his mind and had the guts to admit it, no worries but to vanish when the signs were so good?

I can’t figure it out.

NB as tempted as I am, I haven’t yet sent him a message asking him WTF? … But I am sorely tempted!! 



#Onlinedating – an easy way to be rejected by multiple men at once!

As much as I waxed lyrical about how I was only joining the online dating world to meet new people, there was a small part of me that hoped I would actually meet someone as a result of it. Things got off to a good start and I met two really interesting blokes, one of whom I am still in contact with and think this could be a long term friendship thing – but I’m not sure I feel that spark. The other… well at the time of writing still MIA and with the planned date supposed to be happening tomorrow but no messages for almost a week means I am officially writing him off (pity!).

So after 2 weeks ‘online’ the only thing I seem to have found is a bucket load of rejection!

Is it wrong that I’ve already had enough? I’m sick and tired of having to come up with new and interesting ways to introduce myself. I am grumpy that I seem to be in a never ending rotation of ‘how was your day?’ ‘Good. How was yours?’ type conversations and if I have to tell one more person what I need to do for a living I may just scream!!

However, I don’t want to give up (I can’t I was conned out of 6 months’ worth of membership!!!!) so when I have some free time I log on and try to find some more people to chat with; but today I feel I may make more progress hitting my head against a brick wall.

I think the problem is I know too much, well that and I think the website lied to me when I first joined! I can know see when people have viewed my profile and so I am becoming aware of people I am sending a message too looking at my profile and then not bothering to respond. Full on rejection and it happened to me twice today before I had even had breakfast. Then there are the people who are looking and not commenting – what my picture was tempting but now you have found out more about me you think I’m not worth getting to know??

I know I am not everyone’s cup of tea. But if someone has made the effort to send me a message I at least reply. Even if I know I am not interested I thank them for reaching out. But men (and yes I am going to blame all males as one!!) nothing, nadda, zip. Or they have sent a few messages but then suddenly vanish, mid conversation…

I keep telling myself it was all about fun. It was just a way to meet new people and get me used to the idea about their being someone else in my life; to prove to me that I could move on and get excited about receiving a text from someone other than the ex. But God it would have been nice to not feel so completely rejected by every man with a nice smile and an apparent sense of humour under the age of 40!!!