Mr & Mrs Bodgit

I honestly don’t know where it all went so wrong, OH and myself came and looked at our house on more than one occasion before OH signed on the dotted line….. and yet we failed to realise we have bought the house from Mr & Mrs Bodgit (identities have been changed to protect the stupid!)

We have moved into a lovely new village, and as this is our first house together so everything should be lovely, and it is, well it was until we looked closer…

Let’s start with the outside of the house, as you look up our driveway we have a lovely semi-detatched cottage, white walls, red front door, and two ornate lights on either side of the front porch, however only one of those lovely ornate lights are plugged into the mains, the other one it would appear is just for show!

Now let me take you through my front door, my lovely red front door, and into the small front porch. Now be careful or the door will bang on the inside of our vestibule, no wait a miunte it’s ok the lovely people we have bought the house from have put a door stop on the wall to stop it from banging…o wait a minute… there maths were slightly out and the door when fully open misses the stop by a good few inches!!!

A second look around the lounge serves to indicate that the bodgits had a share in a plastic wire covering company as it is around every window and half way up every wall! We also can locate our first of five fuse boxes (and this one I spent a good hour cleaning as it was covered in brick dust and dead spiders – I do now show it to all visitors!), the two tv aerials that have been drilled through the wall when the first one got shoved back in) and a telephone cable that they have decided to run from the upstairs bedroom, but rather than putting it descreatly into the corner of the room, it is down the middle of one of the walls!

I do not know how or why we did not notice this when we first looked round this house!!