Facebook Friends?

They say there is nothing like a little self publication, and so today I am afraid I am going to have the subtlety of a brick and ask beg you all to come and join me on Facebook.

You see I have set up my own Facebook page and to date it has one like.

Twice I tried and failed to crop that image - grrr!!
Twice I tried and failed to crop that image – grrr!!

Now do not get me wrong, I love my one like. In fact that one soul who has liked my page is going to be dear to me for the rest of all time. But it would be quite nice to have just a couple more…hell let’s aim big…. it would be unbelievable to get to double figures!!!

Do not see this as a beg, see it as doing you bit for a worthy cause (see we both get something out of it!) – You get great Karma for doing your bit to make my world a slightly better place, and I don’t have the embarrassment of opening my emails….

seeing a Facebook notification…

getting beyond excited……

taking three attempts to login (because I have for some unknown reason used a different password to my other accounts and can’t remember it)….

click on my notification tab, with the excitement almost become too much for me……

to see my notification……

“You’re scheduled post has been successful!”

It was almost like Facebook was mocking me! So please come and play on my Facebook page (and while you’re being lovely why not come chat to me on twitter as well?!)