Well I thought it was exciting

I am very lucky to have had another lovely weekend! It involved an errand running Saturday which ended with my stopping the nights with my folks, drinking wine and watching the new Hitchcock film (which I really enjoyed and would recommend you see!) and then on Sunday my sister and her bloke descended to cook us a cooked breakfast  – which in itself is a huge treat because the last time I had a cooked breakfast was exactly a year ago. I remember as it was the day the ex and I headed to France on our ‘make or break’ holiday – yep I’ve almost been single for an entire year! Anyway, I’m sure I will touch on that in a later post! (I hear you waiting with bated breath!) Anywho…

After the breakfast we all piled into the car as we were attending my Great Aunt and Uncles 50th Wedding Anniversary Celebrations. It was the most lovely day, good food, good wine (perhaps a little too much), my sister is currently complaining about her ‘wine head’ that started at 10pm last night! It was a chance to meet up with family members that I haven’t seen for far too many years (the last one was 4 years ago) and we took the obligatory photos adding in different levels of the family as we grew. It was one of those days that made me proud of my roots and desperate to strengthen the family bonds that we share.

However, today I want to tell you about the fun and games we had before the ‘event’ itself. You see the event was a good 3 hour drive away from my mum and dads house. I know for some of you that live in more exotic lands 3 hours may not seem that far, but for me from little old England a 3 hour journey is quite an undertaking. To allow time for traffic we set off giving ourselves about 5 hours to get there. You see Dad had been on the internet and so he knew that there was a nice garden center only a junction away from the restaurant that this meet up was taking place in. So we had a plan, get down there and then potter around the garden center and treat ourselves to a coffee out.

I will admit we did look a site all walking into the garden center in our Sunday best. I don’t know many people who go garden shopping in high heels with a clutch bag but on Sunday I did…..or at least I would have had the power not gone off in the garden center about 5 minutes after we arrived forcing the staff to remove everyone from the store.

Luckily, on getting into the store Mum and I had made a bee-line for the toilets and so we at least got to ‘spend a penny’ before being kicked out, my sister bless her however was not as lucky and spent the entire time stood out side the store with her legs crossed. But don’t worry, I was a lovely big sister and was sure to point out all the water features that were within sight and offer her a mouthful of my bottle of water every few minutes!

Although it was not my sisters ‘need’ that caused the most merriment as we stood outside the store. No you see everyone was laughing at me. The moments the lights had gone off Mum and I were in the disabled toilet and we thought the lights had gone out because we had been in there too long  – seriously, you have no idea how shoddy disabled toilets are until you attempt to use them when you have a disability, the stories I could (and might) tell. So we assumed this was just another shoddy toilet and that the lights were motion censored and just hadn’t been set for long enough. So in an attempt to turn the lights I started to do laps of the disabled loo. I must have done at least 10 laps of the loo before giving it up as a bad job.

I appreciate that it probably is one of those ‘had to be there moments’ but it didn’t half make us laugh!