Pudding rules

Is this just me? I have rules for whether a pudding has custard or cream served with it, I have tried to explain these rules to my family and OH however they all look at me like I am slightly cazy – but your with me on this right?


– if it is crumble you have to have custard, ice cream could be done if desperate cream is wrong on many levels
– if it is chocolate based (e.g fudge cake) you have cream or ice cream

with me so far, right lets take it up a notch:

– if the pudding filling is red in colour (e.g cherry pie) you have to have cream
– if the pudding filling is apple you have to have custard
– apple trumps all other fillings (e.g apple and blackcurrant, apple wins so it is custard)

actually now I have written it down it seems very logical and very easy! I don’t know why they struggle so much!

My oven hates me – but it’s fine, it’s mutual!!

Believe it or not I am a pretty good cook, even if I say so myself..

My dad went to catering collegue and I have so many happy memories of watching dad cook whilst I stirred (If there is a pot on the stove I have to stir it, but that’s a different story!) and I got my way through my first year of uni by cooking big elaborate teas each evening (yes I did put on a little more weight than would have liked but it kept me sane.)

However since moving into this house, with this oven I have burnt more dinners in the last 6 months (small side note woop I have been living with OH for 6 months – that has flown!) than I have in all the years I have been cooking ever!! This stupid oven seems to wait for my back to be turned and ingredients that were previously raw turn into a carbonated mass of yuck.

I give you exhibit a, the crumble for tonight. I put rubarb (I cook better than I spell – i feel there should be an h) and organge juice into a oven proof casserole dish with a sprinkling of sugar, to soften before I add the crumble (Shop bought I have to admit as we still don’t have a fully working baking cupboard – again a different story) and every few minutes I took it out to stir and panic that the ingredients would still be raw when OH arrive home tonight and so I turn the oven up slightly and return in another 10 minutes and my ingredients are now black and smoking – grr!! I have stirred it all in and I chucked in some more orange juice to hide the taste, and then had to decided how to cook the top which takes half an hour. I felt I had no choice and so I chucked it on top of the brown mass and prayed. O well at least I have lots of custard!!