Cat adds value to property

And this is another video that leaves me struggling for words, but for a completely different reason…

Can you believe it? Just in case the video doesn’t play, the story in a nut shell is that a family has had their house on the market for a while, but have only managed to sell it by agreeing to leave behind their pet cat for the new owners to look after. For a moment i gave the couple selling the house the benefit of the doubt when I thought the agreement was that they would just proved ‘a cat’ but not. This couple are just leaving their cat behind. Grrr just grr!


I am going to die alone, and I can prove it!

Todays post is inspired by the lovely Dawn – thanks hun! She told me not to worry, that I was still wrong and have time. I don’t often do this but for once I have unarguable proof that she is wrong!

When I was little I was going to have twin girls and be married by the time I was 16. I must have been about 4 or 5 playing with my barbies, but back then 16 seemed very grown up, 16 made you a proper adult and so obviously I would be married and have children by that age! Ha ha ha.

I reached 16 and suddenly realised how young that still was and you will be pleased to know I did not spend my 16 birthday hunting down a man with which to reproduce as I decided I would be at least 30 before I had kids as that was years away and I would clearly have a clue (and a man) by then! Now, as I am rapidly approaching 30 I have realised that you possibly never get your ‘shit’ together and just get better at acting – it’s true wisdom comes with age!

However a few years ago I decided to plan out my life, in the style of Rachel from friends… not the clip I wanted but enjoy anyway!


So after this, she starts to plan out her life. So I┬áplanned out mine….

Ideally I wanted to have had my second child by the time I was 30…… this meant getting pregnant when I was 29.

I wanted about a 2 year age gap between ┬ámy two daughters so I wanted to have had my first one by the time I was 27….meaning getting pregnant at 26.

Ideally I wanted to have been married for at least 2 years before having children, meaning I would have had to have married my husband, the father or my children by the time I was 24.

I would have liked a shortish engagement, but realistically I was thinking two years from proposal to aisle. This meant I should have been proposed to when I was 22.

Ideally I would have liked to have dated for a few years before we got married, so we should have started dating ‘the one’ somewhere around my 20th birthday (latest). However, I didn’t want to rush into a relationship straight away and would have liked to have been friends for a couple of years before hand so lets stick another two years and so I should have met the man of my dreams when I was 18!!

*spoiler alert* this hasn’t happened!

So if I work from my age now forwards, I am looking at having kids in my late 40s. That was if I was with the guy today, right this moment. Instead I am still hating the entire male species and looking longingly at pictures of cats.

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