and then I broke the car!!

Yep, I really am having one of those lives at the moment!!

This morning everything was going well (well as well as can be at the moment), I had set my alarm for an early start so I could take BD for a long walk before work and we enjoyed playing with sticks and learning some tricks in the field. I got home with almost enough time to cycled into work, and I did have good intentions, but by the time I had showered and packet everything I decided I was a little tight on time, and with everything that is going on I thought why add extra stress by racing to get to work, so I spent another few minutes cuddling BD.

As the clock struck 10 past 8 and it was time to head off to work, I grabbed my car keys, gave BD one last kiss and headed out the door, feeling relaxed and as close to happy as I get at the moment. I turned on my car, turned up the song on the radio and inched my car out of the drive…something didn’t feel right. I put my foot on the break, checked to ensure that I hadn’t left the hand break on, and tried again. Nope steering still very heavy… then I went for the age old trick of turning it on and off. That resulted in me being stuck in the middle of the road with a car that that wouldn’t re-start. Luckily for the moment I am still living with OH, so I was stuck in the middle of a very quiet long straight road.

I did what many of us would do in this situation and swore very loudly, can I have kudos for not breaking into tears? Tried again at turning it on, swore a little more and tried for a third time. Either third time really is the charm, or my car took pity on me and decided not to drive me to a full breakdown and started long enough for me to slowly heavy the car back onto the drive, take a picture of the warning light for identification of problem at a later date.

I jumped out of my car, not caring that I have left if sitting at a 90 degree angle across the drive, unlocked the house stole OH car keys and raced to work.

Turns out that this morning is the morning my power steering has decided to break.

Wonder what new joys tomorrow will bring me, actually my car will be in the garage tomorrow and I feel this won’t be cheap – I think I know what tomorrow is going to bring me, a very large bill!!