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So this week I just seem to be throwing YouTube clips at you – I’m not sure why exactly! My mind seems to be throwing around a lot of different thoughts but I can’t get them down on paper, or maybe I’m a little worried about what you may think of me if I admit to them…. who knows! I think I am in need of another dog walk with BD or Mity as I always find they help to get my thoughts un-muddled (how do people without dogs blog?!) But I’m not seeing BD until tomorrow and the last few times Mity has been at the house I have finished off DIYing while my dad took him on his late night walk so no thinking time for me there!

The good news is my house is so nearly there. I only have a few more rooms to decorate and then I will be sharing pictures on here. But until it’s done I am on a massive DIY push – Mum and Dad go away in a few weeks and the house needs to be done before they can go. My Dads not finding it easy to relax with the constant nagging of unfinished work. So it’s very much heads down to the finish line.

Until then, enjoy!