Post break up…flapjack

In a move that I will admit to not completely understanding I have had the most weird post break up reaction yet and at 8pm tonight I decided that I had to make flapjack. Right then and there. I felt that had I not made flapjack it would have made me into some sort of failure, and that I had completely wasted the day and then the tears started.

And so I made flapjack, not letting the fact that I didn’t have working scales, a recipe, a baking tray or baking parchment put me off! I just kinda threw oats, brown sugar, gold syrup and butter into a pan and prayed.

Currently the flapjack is in the over. If it has stuck to the oiled bun tins (all I could find) then I think I may have some sort of further break down – which will at least give me content for tomorrow!! But if not fingers crossed it’ll turn out ok, and i can force feed it to people at work on Monday.

In the meantime while I am waiting for it to bake, I have cleaned the kitchen, made a coffee, typed out this post, and made myself some peppermint fondants – because why wouldn’t you??

O well at least I’m being productive right??