I’m not always blonde but…

I hate planning my birthday celebrations, being a December baby it is always a pain as one by one friends find other priorities (namely work Christmas dos) and I find myself feeling slightly hurt and dejected. Each year I promise myself that next year I will just ‘let it go’ and only celebrate with my parents and close family. However, each year I give in and plan something (usually at the instance of friends, who then back out and let me down!)

As ‘luck’ would have it I had the most amazing birthday the year I moved in with the ex, the universe decided to work with me and so for the first time in my life I ended up booking a table for over 20 people. Everyone got on. The night was perfect and the ex decided to surprise me (and everyone else) by ordering some bubbles for a toast, which he said afterwards in the taxi on the way home “was worth it for the look on my face!”

Anywho, this year cost was a major factor and so I thought I had hit the jackpot as I booked in for a Christmas part night at a local hotel (the one bonus of a December birthday!) for £30 we are having a glass of fizz on arrival, 3 courses and a DJ playing until the small hours.

I was excited. I managed to gather a reasonable number of friends and the booking was made. I have now paid the full deposit and all systems are go… or at least they were. You see in counting up numbers for the night I have made one tiny mistake. I have forgotten to include myself in the final head count.

So on my birthday 5 of my closest friends will be heading out for a black tie event…I just hope the hotel can fit me in!!