A brief attempt at Agility

When I moved in with him and BD one of my first ‘nags’ was to look into training BD better. I wanted to solve (yes I was young and naïve) his fear issues and get used to him being around a lot of dogs. I did some research and pulled up a couple of groups that offered help with aggression. There were two that I finally narrowed my search down to, one was a local group and the other was a good half hours’ drive away, but instantly I knew that she was the lady I wanted to work with. He decided that he would pay for the training, and so he had the final decision as to which lady we would hire and we went with the local trainer.
Our first meeting with her didn’t go particularly well. She turned up on the wrong day which majorly upset me as I was out and so the training session happened with him and her. I had wanted to be there from the start, so I wasn’t playing catch up but that didn’t happen. From then one we had a mixed relationship. I would meet her for one session and come away feeling very positive and impressed, and then the next session would make me doubt her techniques and whether or not I should go back to her.

Having met with us three times she announced that we should enrol BD into her agility class. In hindsight I think she is an agility nut and her answer to everything is ‘take up my agility class’. Anyway, the first time we went down was really positive. It was lovely to be in a group of people who knew there dogs, where BD could interact slightly and learn new skills. BD loved it. You could just tell that he enjoyed the challenge and I loved working with him to learn a new skill. Worked got in the way and so he didn’t join us very often and agility became our thing and I loved it. When after weeks of trying BD managed a spiral of jumps I don’t know which of us were more pleased.

However, the more time I spent with the club and this lady the more unhappy I became with her methods. She would spray her dogs with water if they barked – not something I agree with. And when BD was bitten in one of her classes her comment of ‘Well that’ll teach him’ had me seeing red. Especially as at the time he was mid jump and the dog came at him. The other dog owner had offered to leave before the incident, but the trainer encouraged her to stay saying it would do BD good to focus with the two there. To begin with they were just running at each other, with a little barking. I am so annoyed that I didn’t challenge her. I should have removed BD from the situation before this happened but I didn’t I let him down. After the bite, despite our success of the spiral jump, I left never to return.

However I want to return, I would love to enrol BD in some agility courses as I would be great for our relationship and would get me out the house once a week. But it’s a case of once bitten twice shy. So what do you think? I know a brilliant lady who does one on one training, but it’s going to be expensive and a bit of a drive which with the purchase of the house I don’t know if I can afford. Plus one on one does nothing for his socialising or me meeting the dog loving millionaire I am going to marry.

I am once again turning to you for guidance and words of wisdom!!