You have to get one of these!!

As my DIYing continues I am pleased to say my skills and knowledge are growing, and despite a couple of dips I am still thoroughly enjoying the experience. In fact I now feel sorry for my numerous female friends who (I hope) will never have this life experience and my friend who is buying her own house and keeps saying she will rope me in for DIY advice has me giddy.

I now know how to mix plaster, although apparently referring to it as concrete takes away some of my ‘I am knowledgeable and know what I am doing’ street cred. My plumbing still isn’t leaking (touch wood it stays that way) and there are numerous jobs that I would have once thought I was unable to do which I now do without thinking. It is an amazing experience and I would encourage every one to take on a similar challenge at least once in your life. Maybe don’t go down the thrown out by the guy you loved so no other choice route, instead perhaps just claim a room as your own and see what you can achieve.

Anyway, for a few evening I have been itching to get started on sanding down the walls. I have stripped them, pulled out wall plugs (ouch that hurt!) plastered them, filled them.. I almost know every square inch like the back of my hand. But I have never been able to sand them as there has been other more pressing jobs to do.

This all changed last night, after the tip run. Having wasted some time playing silly fools I decided enough was enough. It was my house, I wanted to sand and sand I would. OMG. most. fun. ever. I loved it. I enjoyed every second. I loved picking the grade of sandpaper – yes, without been told I knew that sandpaper is graded and knew how to pick the right one for me job. I loved figuring out the cool wire things I had to pull to release and attach the sheets. And I loved pressing the button to make it start, pressing it against the wall and watching the cloud of dust billow out. I even loved the mess and the fact that I am still pulling the dust out of my hair. And the best bit is I still have at least 20 walls to do!!!

Playing games

Yep, it would appear I have regressed to a two year old and despite myself I can’t help playing little games in the hope of winning him back. Or is it that I am growing some (metaphorical) balls?

It would appear that the game playing started sometime last week, when I decided that I would go on a date with a guy, lets call him Bob, who I have known for a while. I know this may make me sound awful but it was a low risk date, as although lovely Bob is not my type and it would never lead to anything serious. Bob and I had talked a few times before deciding to meet up for lunch and I knew we had things in common and so I thought that this would mean that this would make an ideal none date date. I feel even worse for saying this but a significant motivation for this was that I had plans with him and BD earlier in the day and so I would be able to drop into conversation that I had to be home early to meet Bob, and just leave this fact to sit and hopefully stab him in the heart a few times.

OMG the date was so bad. Turns out that Bob although a lovely, sweet guy has absolutely no conversational skills. Every time I spoke he looked bored and if I asked him about himself to try and rekindle any from him. He gave me one word answers. Honestly I bonded more with the married waiter (yes I looked) that I did with this guy. He was stuffy about paying the bill (which due to a massive offer was not in double figures) and then argued when I left a decent tip for the waiter. You could have knocked me over with a feather when he then asked if I would like to go for a drink. However, more fool me, I felt bad that he had had to pay the not double figure cost of lunch and so agreed. I did think maybe in a quite bar he may be more likely to come out of himself – he didn’t!!

I could have really done with that date going well, to prove to myself that there are great guys out there to be found when I want to start looking again. But the universe clearly had other ideas and so I went home and burst into tears remembering how perfect the first few dates with him were.

He has asked about the date, but I haven’t shared many details. Well technically it is none of his business anymore!!

The other ‘move’ I have made is about to play out. He is stuck working late tonight and so offered to let me have BD for the evening. I was super excited and said I would collect him from the house when I finished work. He offered to drop him at my work. The big difference is when dropping at my work I go out and say hello and unlock my car, when collecting him from his house I don’t have to see him. However now I am playing my game, growing balls or just going completely insane I have decided to counter the ‘collect him from work’ card with the ‘car is unlocked and everything I need to hand over to you is left on the drivers seat’ card.

Yep I’m 20 odd going on 2!!!