OMG I think Google thinks I’m a sex pest!!

To begin with I’m going to get a little technical on you, although as most of you are bloggers I am assuming you already know this, but we all know what assumptions can do. So..

When you preform a Google search the result you receive back is unique to you. As the internet and technology gets cleverer Google is working hard to ensure that you are shown exactly what you search for when you search. So it uses information it has already gleamed from you (location, other sites you have searched etc) to produce a unique result. Meaning if you and I all searched “Little Black Dress” the websites we would be ‘delivered’ as a result of the search would vary. Does that make sense? Good, then on with my story.


So the other day I had reason to Google the term ‘Cookie Cutters’. As I was scrolling through the images I was amused to discover that you could buy ‘sex position cutters’.

The mind boggles!!
See they are actual things

I had to giggle (because clearly I am a child) and decided I would show my friend. I told them to search cookie cutters and that they would know what they were looking for when they saw them.

The problem is they didn’t.

No matter how far down they scrolled they were not offered sex position cookie cutters.

Knowing that Google pics your results based for you, I feel like I have been judged by Google…… and they have an interesting opinion of me!!

You don’t have to agree with me… in fact I may prefer if you don’t!

I was very lucky growing up. Almost every Saturday around 3pm we (my Mum, Dad, Sister and I) would walk the 5 minutes walk to my Aunt and Uncles house where we would have a lovely relaxed meal and the adults would sink a few bottles of wine. The get together would usually end in the early hours of the next morning, and usually after a selection of whiskeys had been trailed by my Dad and my Uncle.

Usually while the adults talked, my Sister, my Cousin and I would play games upstairs. However as we got older we started opting to stay downstairs where I would listen with fascination as two of my heroes would sit and debate…. well…… anything. Politics, religion, history, nothing was taboo, no topic was off limits.

I would sit and listen to them discuss the various view points and I loved it. Anyone was able to join in, and I know I would sit waiting for the conversation to shift from “how Great Aunt Maud was” to whether God created the Universe”.

Of course it wasn’t just my Dad and Uncle joining in, but my Mum and Aunt would voice their opinions and on occasions I would sit and listen to my parents arguing different points of view. Of course we (my Sister, Cousin and I) were encouraged to join in if we wanted to and on occasions I would even come down on the other side of the fence to my parents.

To me, open discussion, disagreement and this kind of debate was normal.

I can still remember being amazed the first time I realised that this may not be the norm.

My Dad and I were both on the church counsel for a while and on one occasion my Dad was very much against the decision being made by the counsel. My Dad and this lady both fell at opposite sides of the fence, and both weren’t willing to budge on their opinion. In the end it went to a vote, and the counsel went with the lady. After the meeting had finished, the lady approached my Dad to apologise for her difference of opinion and ask if they were still friends – but this wasn’t a ‘jokey’ are we still friends. The grown up in front of me was convinced that my Dad would stop being her friend purely because she didn’t agree with his opinion.

Having been brought up around debate and seeing people who love each other disagree I couldn’t believe that this person genuinely believed that in having a difference of opinion a friendship could be ruined.

I have a few older friends who say I seem very grown up for my age, and I think that a lot of this is due to my parents and the manners in which I was brought up. I have been brought up to vote (with my Dad encouraging me to spoil my vote rather than just not bother) and I have been brought up to enjoy a healthy debate. So long as the debate is respectful I have no problem with you disagreeing with anything I say or think. Religion, Politics, Sexual Preferences, War, Dog Training, the Zombie Uprising… I am happy to and would welcome the chance to discuss any of these topics with you.

There is nothing I love more than a good debate.

Looking back, I can now see how lucky I was that I have been raised in this manner. That I will stand up and speak my mind when so many other people may not. Being able and willing to discuss anything with anyone is liberating and something I would encourage more people to do; being able to debate, argue, reason and evolve is such an important life skill.

That’s why I love receiving comments on my blog. That’s why I invite you to honestly tell me what you think about anything I put on here. Don’t think “I don’t agree so I can’t comment” I don’t expect you will always agree with me, in fact I welcome when you don’t!

I hope this space will become a place where people can debate and put across their point of view.



This morning on my drive into work I was listening to a tribute to the 9/11 victims which was playing on the radio. It was moving, thought provoking and everything a good tribute should be. It made me feel even more compelled to write something about this event on my blog.

But where do you start?

What do you say that hasn’t been said before?

How do you even begin to put into words what it is you want to say?

I was considering voicing my annoyance with the wording used to describe the terrorists, but I feel today isn’t a day for anger. There is already enough anger and hatred in this world, on today of all days we should not seek to add more anger.

Do I talk about forgiveness – but it’s not my place to forgive. I will not comment on how those people affected by the tragedy should or should not find a way to move on with their lives. If they have found a way to forgive then I am happy for them but if they are still in a place where the hatred is pulling them through the day then I am not going to judge them for that.

Instead I wanted to focus on love.

I strongly believe that violence does not prevent or atone for another act of violence, remember An eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth only leaves the whole world hungry and blind. But love, love does something greater.

I couldn’t help but follow a little of the #911remembered twitter stream this morning. The tweets started off as much as I expected, touching tributes, photos of the events, stories of survivors. But as I scrolled lower my screen became filled with images of injured, dead and dying children with comments along the lines of “you shot my daughter so you deserve this” or “you brought this on yourself”.

My heart couldn’t help but bleed a little.

So much hurt, so much hatred.

Violence resulting in Violence.

Innocent people killed in revenge for other innocent people deaths…. this is madness.

I can’t help but feel this world is becoming a rather dark place. One where people take what they want with very little regard for the thought of the people they are taking it from. Just open the newspaper and you can read horror stories of the dad who was kicked to death for stopping some yobs for destroying his hedge or the Indian health worker who went to the aid of a gang-rape victim and has now been raped herself.

If the lives lost on 9/11 are not going to have died in vain then we need to change and we need to change now.

Look at the World War 1 & 2 (I had originally put the Great Wars, but removed that as no war is Great!) I remember as a child being confused “if the 1st World War was so horrific that it was supposed to be the War to end all Wars, how did they let a second one happen?” We have learnt no lessons, we still send hundreds of men and woman off to die and sometimes I have to ask for what? I would like to say because ‘we’ are making a difference, that it’s to end a fascist regime but I fear the truth is  ‘we want the oil’ or some other entity and human suffer has very little to do with it.

So today I am going to ask you to find a little time in your life to love a little more.



” At this moment, 13 years ago, millions of Americans went to bed quietly, with no thought that the next morning their world would change forever. That night, hundreds packed flight bags they would not live to open. Thousands slept with loved ones for the last time.

One never knows what a new day has in store. Let us live each day to the fullest, and never miss an opportunity to let those nearest and dearest to us know of our love for them. So tonight, if you have someone in your life that you love, tell them!”










(The above was seen on the internet. if this is your wording and you object to me using it let me know and I will remove it)

Who doesn’t eat lettuce?

I have a bit of a weird memory (what this is me, you didn’t think it could just be good or bad did you?!). In some ways I would say it is fantastic. I can remember details from way back, ironically I can’t remember anything to tell you I have remembered right now, but trust me things that are important I remember.

But in some ways I am also rubbishly forgetful. Friends boyfriends names – not a clue (although this is not as much of a problem anymore as they all decided to marry men with the same name). I forget important dates, birthdays, anniversaries – I would be struggling without Facebook, hell I struggle to hit the date with Facebook.

It really annoys me that I forget these things, especially as I spend so much time and try so hard to commit these things to memory. It seems to be if I say to myself “this is important, remember this” it is almost a code to my memory “make sure you forget this”. I’ve got a friend who has had a crush on the same person for the better part of our friendship, yet can I remember this persons name? They tell me stuff and I will really try to remember, but next time we are having a conversation I will ask a question and they will look at me as if to say “I told you this!”

My concern is that people will mistake this inability to remember as indifference and think that I don’t care; which couldn’t be further from the truth.

So please take this as notice. I do value each and every one of you. I will remember and cherish everything that you tell me but I will also completely forget the majority of the technical details you share. I will laugh with you, cry with you and cheer for you with everything that I have. I will be on the end of the tweet if ever you want your hand holding while your pet goes into surgery or drinking a bottle of wine thinking about the trials you are facing.

So please over look when I forget some of the details. It’s not that I don’t care, it is just that I am rubbish. For example today I have spent most of my day trying to remember which of my friends doesn’t eat lettuce before a friend comes round for dinner tonight (yes I am holding a dinner party despite the fact I don’t have a functioning kitchen!). I know one of them doesn’t but I will be damned if I can remember which one – it isn’t one of you is it?

A good cause ……and he’s just a bit yum so I had to share!!

You would have to have been buried under a rock to not be aware of the current #ALSICEChallenge that is working it’s way around the internet and celebville. This one is just so good I had to share it with you all!

ALS is more commonly referred to as Motor Neurone Disease (MND) and if you want more information about this please visit

Explaining blogging to a non- blogger.

Have you ever tried explaining blogging to non-bloggers? I have many times. Anyone who knows me (as in actually me) does not know that I blog and anyone who has read my blog (I assume) does not know me. Except one person who I know has put two and two together and found me as a whole.

As previously mentioned I purposefully try not to reveal who I am on my blog. This is because I want to be able to talk about whatever I want, whoever I want, whenever I want and if you know who I am and can by proxy figure out who I am talking about well that’s not fair. Being ‘anonymous’ allows me a level of freedom that I would not have if it was me. Likewise, if anyone who knew ‘me’ read my blog I wouldn’t be able to be as open. How do I write open and honestly when I know my nearest and dearest would be reading every word? I have been tempted a few times to share it, and in the future I may. But at the moment, knowing my friends and family were reading my every word would change the way I wrote and limit what I would be willing to divulge.

However, I am slowly telling more and more of my friends and family about my blog and I this has meant as well as telling them about what’s wisdom I have gleaned from each of your blogs over the last week I also share things that have happened to me.

Although sometimes in sharing them, and with the added enthusiasm of my friends and family somehow it manages to make blogging sound just a little bit ….. geeky.

For example;

Telling my parents ‘My blog’s got its first award’. Their response “Congrats, we are so happy for you, that’s amazing! When do you get it? Where will you keep it? Is there a big award ceremony? Who decided you would win – was there a panel of judges?“ – Sounds uber cool.
Telling them no, it was a graphic and I got to answer a load of questions and pass it on – slightly less cool. Still I’m beyond giddy I was even considered and nominated but explaining it to a non-blogger…

It’s just happened again. On realising the amazing Kristine had asked me to be part of the latest blogging tour I sent an excited text to my friend.

Me: “A blogger has just nominated me to take part in a writing tour. The fact she has chosen me is fab. She thinks I’m a writer!”

His response “Woohooo. You gonna do it? Is it actually traveling around places?’

Me: “No actually travel. Of course I’m going to do it. I’m so excited. I answer 3 questions about writing”

Him: “I’d stick with writing tour”

Me: “:’0( you peed on my writing tour bonfire”

Him: “Take it there’s a decent amount of writing to each question”

Me: “Depends how much I can think of to write!”

Him: “No limits, very cool. You know what the subjects are yet?”

Me: “Yes, it’s three questions about how about I write.”

Him: “Writing about writing, yea I couldn’t do that.”

Me: “Because you’re not a blogger :0P Although I don’t class myself as one either”

Him: yet to reply.

Perhaps I should have just let him believe I was taking off on a world tour!

Do we have a right to their life?

What do you want to be when you grow up?
What do you want to be when you grow up?

You may or may not have seen the new story around Robin Williams death and the Family Guy programme which went out minutes before the news of his suicide broke? If not then a programming coincident saw a Family Guy episode containing Robin Williams and a failed suicide attempt being broadcast only minutes before the news of his suicide broke. As is the medias way when the new first broke it sounded like Family Guy had been poking fun at Robin Williams, however having read a few different articles now and not seeing the episode in question I don’t fully understand if the episode was mocking Robin Williams, or even if it was the Robin Williams character which attempted suicide. Anyway, despite the new story or possibly lack of story it did get me thinking.

Why do we feel we have a right to know the most intimate details of the lives of the rich and famous just because they are a celeb?

Now I know there are some ‘reality stars’ that have made their fortune by splashing every detail of their live across one newspaper and another and yes part of me does feel that in doing so they have given up any rights to complain when an un-approved story is released. But what about the other stars? The ones that have become famous because of their skills, have married into a famous family or just had the dumb luck of being born into one. What right do we have to all of the gory details of their ups and downs, joys or sorrows?

I’m not pointing fingers; I am as guilty as everyone else at looking at headlines. Buying (only very occasionally) a glossy magazine because I’m interested to know the story behind the headlines, especially for some reason if it is Jennifer Anderson based, but is it right?!

I voiced this opinion to a friend today and he said “the famous are open to everything due to their station; it’s the same as their privacy. It may not be right but that’s how things are.” I can’t help but think why; why is it like this and why do we accept it.

I remember watching an extremely moving interview with Gary Barlow. As part of the programme he discussed the years he was ‘unpopular’. Just shortly after Take That broke up he became the butt of every joke, had a public spat with Robbie Williams and his name became mud. It became so bad that he didn’t leave the house, submitted songs to publishers under face names and only felt some release when he piled on the pounds and became unrecognisable. Here was a guy going through a pretty hard time and as a nation rather than giving him a hand up we kicked him while he was down.

I am not saying we should be censoring the media. I strongly believe in our freedom of speech and would hate to see the media sanctioned. However I remember the ‘naked Kate photos’ and wonder why? Why do we need to know that a woman went topless on her honeymoon?

I do not believe celebs should get a free ride. When we sign up for a job we take on various responsibilities and as part of the ‘fame game’ perhaps they should be willing to share a little more of their lives with us. But as a nation perhaps we need to remember that ‘celebs’ are people. They are battling demons and dealing with issues we know nothing about, and have no right to know about. Perhaps it’s time we cut them all just a little slack don’t ya think?

A slight cope out

I have a  splitting headache and a potential wine hangover (which is annoying as I so didn’t drink that much last night!)

There is a dog lying on my computer chord so I am currently battling to reach the keyboard and mouse (occasionally one of both will go flying across my desk, last time taking a pot of pens with it!)

There is no coffee at work so despite the fact it is now lunchtime I am yet to have my morning coffee (could this be the reason for the headache?)

The amazing loft ladder which was installed a couple of months ago  (the only thing that has gone without incident or an idiot of a workman) broke on me (actually nearly fell on my head and everything) last night. My dad can’t fix it, I can’t fix it so I need to call them back out.


My mum isn’t well (although Mity is better – can good wishes be switched from Mity to Mum?!)

The internet isn’t playing ball and keeps breaking meaning I can’t see your posts/visit you and it is taking me forever to finish the post I have in draft as it requires links to blogs and I can’t access blogs to make sure the links are right (grr)

So for all of those reasons I give you todays post…..


images (2)Look at me staying all positive and stuff!!