A letter to my Ex’s new girlfriend

I have to admit to having similar thoughts

The Fickle Heartbeat

open letter

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Dear New Girlfriend,

I hear you’ve been curious about me. Wondering what I’m like. Probably hoping I’m as bad as you wish I am. I wonder if your thoughts dwell on me as much as mine dwell on you.

Possibly not.

You should know that I was you once – or more accurately, I was in your position.

Four years ago, I met someone. He was charming and extremely handsome with these piercing, round blue eyes and tanned skin. But along with that, he was kind, sincere and I could feel his vulnerabilities as if I was holding them in my own hands.
Night after night, we would stay up and talk about everything. Life, our pasts, our dreams. Somewhere between the sober shyness and memory-lapsing inebriation of our first week together, I began to fall for this guy. But, like you, the start of our…

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