The problems with being an anonymous blogger.

To round up my participation in the Words from a Blogger & PR series I wanted to touch on a subject I have previously written about. The problems of being an anonymous blogger particularly when trying to monetise your blog.

On some levels being an anonymous blogger is brilliant. I can write about what and who I like with very little concern about anyone actually finding out who that person is. I don’t have to worry about friends or family reading something I have written about them, taking it the wrong way… I don’t have to worry about sharing something someone wouldn’t want sharing… I find it very un-tying (there must be a better word for that) and as one of the main purposes of my blog is having somewhere I can get my thoughts down, open and honestly I don’t think I would be able to do that with as much success if I knew that my boyfriend, brother and boss (ok I don’t have a brother, but I was loving the alliteration and I do get to point out again that I have a boyfriend eek!) would be pouring over every word.

However, being anonymous makes it (at least in my opinion) much harder to monetise my blog. I mean how do you review a product when taking photos of the product can identify who you are as a person?

Bd was a brilliant example. He was a very striking Collie. Now I don’t want to say that all other dogs are the same (because I know that they are all individuals) but you see one chocolate lab, and unless that is your chocolate lab you would be hard pushed to pull one out of a line up; even Mity has doppelgangers that I see out and about walking. But I have never seen another BD. Putting pictures of him on my blog identified me, and (maybe more importantly) identified the ex. So until I broke up with the ex and stopped caring quite so much about being anonymous there were no pictures of BD on this blog.  Likewise photos around the house. We are all unique and decorate in our own styles. More than anything I wanted to share with you the before and after photos of my house (I will get round to it I promise) but again my house is very unique and I am pretty certain if someone comes to my house and then sees house photos on my blog… well two and two would make four.

I’m not saying it is impossible to make money from your blog when anonymous. But I do think it is a lot harder. I think you are a lot more limited to the type of work you can do, and also as an anonymous blogger I think it is much harder to build up a following.

I don’t share my posts on my personal Facebook profile, they don’t get tweeted out on my personal twitter account. Instead I have created a second persona, she has her own Facebook (I know, naughty naughty) and Twitter accounts. However these accounts are struggling, slowly growing but nowhere near what I have on either of the ‘real me’ accounts.

Blogging anonymously was my decision, and works very well for the main purpose (Although I do need to remind myself of this sometimes) of my blog; to have a space to write open and honestly as I figure out my head. However, when you see people being gifted weekends away, or cars, or freezers or staying at home and blogging, I do sometime wonder if like celebs that’s the trade off – maybe if you want to keep your private life, fully private, then you settle for having a small, infrequently visited, amazing, corner of the web whereas if you are happy to let the eyes of the world into your living room and live your life online…well that is where you get your payoff?

I would love to know what you think. Do you think that you can keep completely private and make money from blogging, or is monetising your blog only something that can happen if you live your life online?

4 thoughts on “The problems with being an anonymous blogger.

  1. i would keep it anonymous and lose a few “benefits”. My ex stalks me relentlessly and posts vile blog comments but all i can do is shrug it off and get told it’s my own fault for being public. You can always borrow Shadow pictures 🙂

  2. If you seriously want to blog anonymously while still making money from your blog, you need to promote the heck out of your persona so people relate to her. Think Ru Paul or Larry the Cable Guy of The Blogess.

    Personally, I have one other objection to blogging with a bag over your head (as a friend of mine calls it). You can disappear without a trace.

    I adored the anonymous blogger behind Little Dogs on Long Leashes. She was planning to relocate to a new country as I was starting to think of moving aboard a sailboat. We emailed back and forth even though I only ever knew her first name (and only that because I was clever enough to track it down; it wasn’t easy).

    She’s moved on now and I have no idea where she landed. I think of her often and wish she were just a little less anonymous so I could drop her a note.

    • Speaking of moving you need to come to my new blog I would love to drop some of the anonymity, but then with the little bit I have let go, I write a post but then worry about someone I know seeing it, and it causing ructions so it sits in my drafts. Whereas the problem I have is I need this space to ‘sort out my shit’ and that should be more important than making money!

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