A Public Menace

So this morning, when the inspiration for this post hit, I had 100s of ideas. In fact the post pretty much route itself as I was (trying) to do lengths at my public swimming pool. But since then the words are fading, I got distracted by lunch! But I can still see her, still see the image of her stupid floppy arms and annoying grey hair… and it still gets me really really angry.

I am a keen swimmer. Have been ever since I was a kid. In fact when I was at Primary School, final year, I announced to my parents I wanted to become an Olympic swimmer. The problem was my epiphany came far too late and I was beyond gutted when my parents pointed out that to become and Olympic swimmer I should have already been in training for years.

So I contented myself with winning races at my local swim team, and accepted the swimming would always be a hobby.

However over the years, I have found I can’t go for a swim without coming out of the pool a little bit, let’s say less happy than when I entered the water. You see there is one thing that really gets my goat when I go swimming and that is the complete lack of consideration some people in our society have when in a swimming pool.

Lets say, hyperthetically (of course ;0) that a young (ish) woman goes for her morning swim before work. She has goggles on (indicating this is a proper swim) and on entering the pool laps 4 people while doing her warm up.

Now to me this would indicate, “hey, this person is here for a serious swim. I will keep out their way” but not to the dear old lady who was.. doing an impression of a drowning butterfly..slowly… a very slow moving drowning butterfly… up and down the pool. She was in her own little world and regardless of the stroke I was swimming (yep, even with my head down going full tilt at front crawl) she did not get out of the way.

Now I know that some people will argue that she was there first. Good point, well made. But the pool was rammed and there was no where else to go.

The bit that annoys me, is that with a tiny bit of consideration the situation could have been quickly resolved. You see there wasn’t just one old lady splashing about in her own little world, there were 6 of them. All spread across the pool, and somehow they managed to form a sort of diagonal line running the entire length of the pool which prevent anyone from maneuvering round them.

All they had to do was double up in space, crowd together a bit and then stagger their takes off (so one starts when the other is a third of the way down the pool) and there would have been a enough room for everyone. But no, there was no thought at all.

The other thing that gets me is if it was a load of kids splashing about, getting in an older swimmers way they would have parents appologising, moving them along, telling them to watch out. It all shouts double standards to me.

This has been my bug bare for over 20 years. (Wow, now I feel old!) Ever since I was able to swim properly, people fannying about in Public swimming pools has annoyed me.

But I have a secret weapon. You see the stroke I used to race was butterfly, a couple of lengths of that and usually get you a little bit of space, and when my sister and I used to race each other to try and clear some space… well let’s just say it used to clear a good half a pool!

I know we all have to share. I know we are all making the best out of the situation. But is it really too much to ask that we all, regardless of our age, have a little consideration and thought for those around us?

3 thoughts on “A Public Menace

  1. It’s always important to have consideration for people around you, but you can’t expect others to do the same unfortunately. I’ve learned to be pleasantly surprised when people actually DO have consideration, because most times they won’t 😦 Lowering your expectations is a sad thing to have to do just to protect yourself from getting peeved.

    • The pool was empty when I went today – I would like to convince myself it was due to my influence but… it’s the double standards that upsets me. if it was a kid doing it people would be tutting and kicking up a right fuss!

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