A catch up

So I moan and then vanish – ha ha the stat imps (thanks Clowie for that mental image I now have of them; off causing mischief and upset wherever they can!) will be having a field day. Anyway, I have to start today by saying you guys rock, thank you all for your comments and advice and for reading and just being there. I think part of my problem was I was on edge about a lot of different things and feeling a little lost about this space, which has always been such a source of comfort and answers, was just making a slightly stressed Lauranne, very stressed and moany!

However, I have returned from my break renewed and refreshed. Although still none the wiser. I am trying to come up with a blogging schedule, mainly so I can figure out a way to find time to pop by your place and saying hey (as it has been far too long!!) but when I thought I had figured it all out my scheduled posts all came out on the same day (I am so blaming new look WordPress for that!!) and so I am back to finding time to jump on here when I can and staring at a blank page hoping for inspiration!

The good news I suppose is life is busy in a very good way – I have a boyfriend! 😀 Yes I am officially off the market and in an exclusive relationship with guy who I sometimes wonder what I did to deserve. There has been some hick-ups namely being the online dating company we met through, emailing him saying I was active online, when I wasn’t. He followed the link and there I was (apparently) despite me being no where near my phone at the time. So when he emailed to ask what I was still doing on the site, and I said I wasn’t despite him seeing my active profile with his own eyes… but we seem to have gotten through it stronger. It’s still early days and I am trying to take it slow and just get to know him, but I am hopeful!

Anyway, that’s about all from me for the moment. Remind me I have to tell you about my ‘solo’ travel adventure. Ok, it was 2 nights alone in a cottage, so not quite back packing in Tibet but still I feel even more independent now!

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