Less is more… I hope!

So as I am coming to terms with this new routine, I have decided that I am going to reduce my number of weekly posts. I feel I owe it to you, those who come and visit my little corner of the net, to make sure that when you come and visit it is to read something worth while, interesting and well written (If you are lucky, you may get 2 out of 3!) and I am doing neither of us any good with my writing rubbish to get my week daily post up, and you wasting your valuable time reading dross.

Therefore I have decided to drop down and post less often.

The aim is to plan out some sort of schedule so I know when to post… but then this whole bank holiday appeared and, to be completely honest I was too busy having fun with friends family, and…

having my second and third date with him

Yes, the first date went well. Really really well and I felt the spark. We are both being very sensible and taking it slow, but we have already decided that we are exclusive so I think that starts a whole new chapter. Anyway, that’s a different story for another time.

For the moment however I just wanted to let you know where my head is with publishing on here, and once I know when I will be posting well I will be sure to let you know!


8 thoughts on “Less is more… I hope!

  1. LOL we think you have found life again and needless to say soon it will be goodbye and if so great and enjoy yourself. Go forth and love and have fun. Have a terrific Tuesday.
    Best wishes Molly

    • Not while I have a say in it it won’t be. I love you guys, you have bought me through the lows and I now want to celebrate the highs with you… I just need to figure out how to do that! XX

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