Another First Date

So tonight I have a date again, and I feel about as enthusiastic about it as I sound.

The problem is the guy is great. I really like him. Personality wise I like him more than anyone I have met online so far. He comes across as confident, his sense of humour is bang on, and we have been back and forth on texts pretty much none stop since we ‘met’. We stay up talking until late and start up all over again the next day. I am excited, I am nervous and I possibly want this to go somewhere more than I want anything to go anywhere in a long time.

Part of me feels confident that it will.

I know. I can’t believe I am thinking it, never mind admitting to you guys. But I do. I think that this guy who I have never met may be something significant in my life.

Yet that terrifies me.

If I turn up and there is no spark. If I turn up and he decided thanks but no thanks…

I honestly don’t know how I will rebound from it. After the ex and the bullying I don’t fully trust myself, and I wish I felt anything but like this about this guy.

Tonight is a make and break date; either it will go well and I will be starting a new, exciting future potentially with someone pretty awesome or it won’t and I will be taking a break from the world of dating for a very long time. Which if I am honest would really suck, as for the first time I feel confident I am ready for a new beginning.

Wish me luck

10 thoughts on “Another First Date

  1. LUCK!! Don’t fret! Even if you don’t hit it off in person, just imagine all the great blog posts you’ll get from it. It’s like how Sam Smith needs to go find another person to date & break up with so he’ll have another hit album. hehe Have Fun!

  2. I am wishing you luck!! But stop thinking in the negative, you will have fun, that is key and sometimes good things, the long term things take time. Stop rushing yourself. You are beautiful inside and out, funny and articulate, who wouldn’t want that?

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