I’m enough!

Now some of you will know I have been a little concerned about Poppy being an only rabbit. I have read lots of articles which talk about how sociable rabbits are and so I have been back and forth over whether or not I needed to add another rabbit to my life.

Of course the thought of adding up another rabbit created its own set of questions and concerns. Namely cost, but then space and the whole bonding of rabbits and what happens if they don’t bond… I have spent a lot of time mulling over the whole thing.

However today I went for a walking into town. I was on the hunt for some piping to use behind my settee, so that when Poppy goes behind it she can’t chew the skirting boards, or the carpet or the BACK. OF. MY. SETTEE! I went into a local odds and ends store and come across two lovely elderly gentlemen who apparently in past lives used to breed rabbits.

They identified the type of rabbit Poppy is. Apparently she is an Agouti; which is the closest to wild rabbit you can get from a pet rabbit (see I already sound cleverer, although they probably explained it better!) and after talking about ways to get her out of the biting habits I hit a pet shop and spent a small fortune on entertaining toys for her, so she could chew on those rather than on my stuff!

However, the one interesting thing I did learn was that actually this need for a second rabbit may not be necessary. Apparently if she is spending a large amount of time outside of the hut, she may in fact see me as a second rabbit and be completely happy.

Woo hoo

8 thoughts on “I’m enough!

  1. I had a pet rabbit when I was young for a lot of years. He bonded with dogs, cats and humans. I’m sure he had no idea he was a rabbit.

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