He’s too right to be real

I am worried. I have a date on Friday night with a guy who for the moment seems a little too good to be true.

I don’t mean as in Mr Fantastic, uber rich and wealthy, looks like Brad Pitt and rescues small animals and/or children from burning buildings on a weekend… but a little too perfect for me.

For a start he appears to be able to hold a conversation. Now I know to the online dating novices amongst you that may not appear like a key thing; but if you have been on the number of bad dates I have been on, this is a minor miracle. He also seems to be holding down a successful job, has bought his own place and loves animals.

He is cute and (I know I haven’t met him) but if the pictures are anything to go by I fancy him. He seems to have a life and his own things going on, and as annoying as it is he doesn’t always come straight back to texts I send; its really good to know that he doesn’t spend all his time sat in jogging bottoms watching Jeremy Kyle.

The other winner is that it has been 18 months since he was last in a relationship, and took some time off from dating to focus on him. This is not only one of my favourite things about him, but makes him such a rarity that I am most definitely intrigued.

We have our first date on Friday night, and I have already spent a week coming up with and rejecting various first date outfits in my mind. I feel that this time the stakes are actually quite high. If things continue in the manner they are, and he is who he says he is… well let’s just say I have butterflies!

But there comes the rub. I am convinced that he is too good to be true; that I am going to turn up and he will be a 50 year old man, or a married father of 10 or that he isn’t going to like me. That I won’t be enough.

I know deep down, if he is the one, then what happens on Friday, how I wear my hair, what shoes I wear or how well my make-up goes on won’t matter. I also know that if he isn’t the one then nothing I do will make a jot of different… but I am worried that all of this seems too right and I am going to walk head first into a whole load of heartache.

6 thoughts on “He’s too right to be real

    • Maybe we are all more alike than we realise?! I just hope there’s a spark. Even if it doesn’t go anywhere, the fact I haven’t fancied any of the online dates I’ve had has me a little concerned!!

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