It’s like I am living with a teenager

Poppy’s personality continues to grow by the day. I can’t even begin to tell you how in love with her I am, and how I thank my lucky stars every day that she has come into my life. But I am certain that this little lady is going to give me about a million and one grey hairs, and if I ever turn to the drink… well look no further than her cute little snuffling nose!

We still seem to be playing a little one step forward, one step back.

This last weekend she had her first overnight stay at my parents house (yes, I may now refer to them as Granny and Grandpa) anywho the car journey freaked her out and it didn’t help that a major f-up by me resulted in me having to dump her and run. I worried about her all night and all the next day until I finally made it back to my folks and out to check on her. I couldn’t wait to give her a huge hug, and when I did she cuddled herself under my neck and stayed there for the longest time. I swear it felt like she was saying “I though you had left me, don’t ever do that again!”

She was then super cuddly bunny whenever I went out to see her, and although she let other people cuddle and fuss her too, I was her chosen cuddler and fusser-er (is too a word!) I felt like we had bonded.

The car journey back to mine had her a little less freaked. I got back to mine, cleaned out her cage and then let her run around the lounge for an hour. After all she had been cooped up in a cage all weekend so I wanted her to stretch her legs.

Now Poppy is allowed the run of my lounge, and I also let her race up and down my stairs. Her favourite place to lie is under the radiator behind one of my settees and her favourite game is running around like a loon around the settee, coming out one side until she sees me looking at her, and then turning tail and racing to the other side until I look at her. (Imagine a toddler playing hide and seek, where they stay ‘hidden’ until they know you have seen them)

Sunday night Poppy decided that having an entire lounge and stairs to play in was not enough, and so the little madam spent 10 minutes headbutting her way into my spare room. She is not allowed in the bedrooms; there are too many wires and double beds (which I wouldn’t be able to clean particularly well under) to have her pee un-noticed in one of those rooms. Usually when she goes upstairs she will try to push her way into the bedrooms, but give up after a few minutes, then come downstairs and shoot me the stinky eye for being so cruel.

However Sunday she persevered and that perseverance paid off. I came upstairs to find her doing loops of my spare room in near ecstasy. For half an hour I watched her doing loops of my spare room in new ecstasy. She would come hopping up to me, let me stroke her or nuzzle into me a little… then run for the hills as soon as I made a move to catch her.

I tired giving up and going downstairs assuming she would get tired. She didn’t.

I offered toys.

I offered food.

I tried begging.

I tried pleading.

(I may have tried threats)

Until finally she had had enough. For no reason, other than her wanting to. She hopped up to me and let me pick her up, with only the smallest flicker of panic when I went to get her. (Being picked up is not her favourite thing. She is fine once she is up, but the initial picking up bit scares her) I carried her downstairs and put her to bed, where she flopped onto her side and relaxed. (N.b; Apparently a rabbit on their side is the most relaxed and trusting they can be. Yes, I whooped, silently, when she did this!)

Next morning I come downstairs… nothing. She won’t make eye contact. Won’t come to me. Won’t move out of the corner of the cage that I can’t reach her in. I touch her and she looks like I am causing her pain… Big step back.

I come home from work and she has molted all over her newly clean cage. I. FREAK. OUT. There is a lot of hair everywhere and Poppy is still refusing to come to me, or let me touch her or get her out for a look over.

I have no choice but to go out and hope she will still be alive when I get back. She was, but she still didn’t defrost the entire time I sat outside her cage talking to her. Although she did eat a little something, so I took that as a sign she wasn’t ill!

Then this morning she is a little warmer, but not much. I open her cage up and she makes a bid for freedom, until I go to get her when she decided she is better in the safety of her hutch and jumps back in. Then spends the rest of the morning sat giving me the silent treatment, facing into the back of the cage so all I can see is her (very cute) hairy bum and white tail.

I tell you, it’s a good job I am never going to have kids (no man, not that I don’t want to) as I am not sure I am going to make it through bringing up a rabbit!

4 thoughts on “It’s like I am living with a teenager

  1. Wow, sounds like you are not having a very easy time with Poppy. I guess we were lucky with our rabbit. When we got him we had 3 cats which he loved, sometimes he acted more like them than a rabbit. He loved being cuddled but not for long, he preferred to run around and play with the cats or the grand kids and their toys. Most rabbits get along very well with cats. Wishing you and Poppy all the best…you will get there just keep at it. Hugs and nose kisses

    • She’s got such a strong little personality, I wouldn’t change her for the world! Part of the problem is I am a worrier and so I over analyse everything – am I feeding her enough, am I feeding her too much, is she happy, she ran from me does she hate me, she didn’t run from me is she ill? Honestly I am a nightmare!!

  2. This is like my cat!! She is wild and crazy (x3) one day (or 3 days in a row), the next day I can’t even find her when I get home! It’s like 2 different cats in 1 body and I always get SUPER worried when she doesn’t play when I get home, but the joke is on me cuz all that worrying and fussing didn’t phase her a bit.

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