What’s the time Mr Wolf?

To most of you it will come as no surprise if I admit I can be a little ditzy. I am a natural blonde, and on occasions I wear the title well  – for example my comment on being able to see Hadrian s wall from space (I had it confused with the Great Wall of China.)

However, one of my bad habits it that I am often late. It used to drive my ex crazy, in fact he cited it as one of the reasons for breaking up with me. I know it annoys family and friends, hell it annoys me. But no matter how hard I try it is the exception, rather than the rule, that I am at an appointment early or even on time.

I have tried to turn over a new leaf, and I am beyond proud to announce that I have only twice being a few minutes late since starting at my new job, and I have embraced a routine that actually sees me arrive early. Something I am stupidly proud about.

I was so impressed with this new leaf that I was beyond excited this weekend when I left my house 50 minutes early to meet a friend. The friend and I were going to treat ourselves to a late evening spa (her birthday treat, which I crashed) and so I left work on time, let Poppy run around the lounge for an hour while I made myself spa ready. I packed my overnight back, packed Poppy in her carry case and left the house (after only minimal faffing, another small victory for me!)

I was chilled…

I was relaxed…

I was a new zen – like goddess…

I was over an hour and a half late!

Somehow I had decided we were meeting at 7.30, but apparently we had actually agreed on 5.30! I felt so bad. Never have I gone from calm zen to my friend is going to hate me forever fear so quickly. Luckily my friend is amazing, and fair. She realised that I hadn’t just been running massively late, and had made a genuine error (having booked our lift to the spa for 7.30 helped back up my story) and so she quickly went from spitting feathers to threatening to hurt me if I didn’t stop apologising (a true friend if ever there was!)

Luckily the night wasn’t ruined. We still got to the spa with plenty of time left to enjoy ourselves, and we ended up having the most brilliant of nights. (I may have somehow blagged a whole lot of free stuff that evening! #result)

However it would appear that that wasn’t going to be only error that weekend. Having gotten in from our brilliant pamper evening at 2am, I was gutted when I had to set an alarm for 7am to get an 8.10 train. (I can’t help but feel setting an alarm to get up should be banned on a Saturday!) I was even more gutted when at 8.15am my train hadn’t arrived and so I checked my tickets to discover that my train wasn’t due until 8.51am.

Really there are now words!

2 thoughts on “What’s the time Mr Wolf?

  1. Blonde or what? Have to say lateness is not something we tolerate well at all as we are always early or punctual. Hey but still you can always flutter your eye lashes and point out you are blond LOL. Have a tremendous Thursday.
    Best wishes Molly

    • I hate my lateness, but I have recently realised its a coping thing. If i get anywhere early I get so panicked I am in the wrong place, on the wrong day, it is less stressful to arrive a little late!

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