I am officially a grown-up… or maybe not!

This weekend I officially accepted that I have entered a new stage in my life, and I would officially class myself as a ‘grown-up’. The realisation happened when I was walking around Top Shop of all places and found myself looking at a manikin in the shop and “wishing they would put some clothes on” then turning to look at a skirt and thinking “that’s not a skirt, it’s at least a couple of inches to short to be called a skirt!”

In fact this shopping trip had me head in the direction of one store, only to wuss out half was in as the clothes were so skimpy I thought they would judge the old lady desperately trying to hang on to her youth!

It didn’t help I wasn’t in the best of moods, I was cold and I was feeling bloated. I decided not to try on any clothes in any young trendy shops, I may have muttered “that wouldn’t even go around my thigh” in a slightly louder than intended tone when I noticed a size 6 dress hanging up. So instead I though I would try on some shoes whilst I waited for my friend to arrive.

Shoes are my friend. Sizes only alter a little from store to store, and never once have I tried on a shoe in an unflattering light and decided to go home and eat a tub of haagendazs ice-cream!

So I followed the sign to the upstairs shoe department.

Although the sign had lied to me.

I found myself not in shoe heaven, but instead in mens department hell and the worst part was I couldn’t for the life of me figure out how to get out. Some bugger had hidden the stairs. I felt trapped, and stupidly I felt as if they would know “she doesn’t really have a man to buy for, she’s all alone.” It was a funny feeling. I would happily go into the mens department and shop for the ex without him being there, without a second thought, but this time…

I must have spent 15 minutes wandering around before I finally found my way out. The escalator was hidden, in the corner of the room and you had to walk past the tills to find it. If nay of you have seen the Father Ted ‘lingerie department’ episode that was me!! And for those who haven’t enjoy…


2 thoughts on “I am officially a grown-up… or maybe not!

  1. Classic episode and they are cheeky hiding the stairs so you have to wonder round more and may be buy something you didn’t want. Grrrr Ikea is the worst for it. Have a marvellous Monday.
    Best wishes Molly

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