A new idea

I’m not quite sure what to write. I am not quite sure what to tell you… so I am going to try something completely different (well for me anyway!)

I have been completely rubbish at visiting your blogs. The truth of the matter is I used to read your blogs on my lunch break at work, but with a new job involving Digital Media Marketing (which is a posh way to say I work with bloggers) I am aware of the cross over between my public and personnel life, and although I am sure they wouldn’t I kinda feel that I had you guys as my friends first and I don’t want to visit your blogs at work and that make you work contacts rather than friends (does that make any sense?)

Anyway, to cut a longer than needed story short that’s why I haven’t popped by ‘your place.’ I will find an evening to catch up but after a long day at a computer, I really enjoy switching off on an evening.

So to my brilliant idea. Rather than me rambling on about nothing I’m asking you how are you doing? Catch me up on your life (in the comments) or find me on twitter or Facebook and come and say hi (I am now on both of those mediums a lot more, but as I haven’t made friends with you over there is it very lonely!)



12 thoughts on “A new idea

  1. Hi. Thanks for your comment via twitter. It seems we might be in similar situations. I’m going to add you to Bloglovin feed and try to read. I am as bad as you at reading other people’s blogs. Hoping when everything’s settled down, I’ll manage to do a bit more reading.

  2. Do you know what, I wondered where you had been and so thought I would pop over to check if you’re ok. Glad that you are and that it’s a new job. I am rubbish at catching up on comments. I try to use Blog Lovin and other things catch my eye but I have no real pattern *slaps wrists*. We pop across to twitter to find you.

Looking forward to hearing from you....?!

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