Stressed doesn’t even cover it!

What is it with me and new jobs? When I started at my previous place I ended up having my wisdom teeth removed the week before I started which meant I arrived at my new job swollen faced and popping pills every 2 hours!

It has happened again this time, not the pill popping (well at least not so many) but it is the second week at my new job and already I have had to have a late start due to my car needing a service and an extended lunch break to cover a Doctors trip. Now to most people this probably sounds like very little, but for someone who was horrendously bullied by their first ‘proper’ boss, it has the voices worrying me. I don’t want people to think I am skiving off, that I am not pulling my weight, and although I know when they get to know me they will know I am not like that; two weeks in I am a little concerned.

The worst was the Doctors appointment. For 3 days I tried unsuccessfully to get an appointment outside of work hours. When that didn’t happen, I scheduled it about lunchtime. I now get an hour for lunch, so with 20 minutes to the surgery and 20 back, it was tight but manageable.

Or at least it would have been. The Doctor was running 50 minutes late… 50 minutes.

She apologised when I was finally seen, but that wasn’t good enough. I imagine that it wasn’t fully her fault, but when did it become ok to run 50 minutes late? There were signs all over the surgery telling everyone that the appointment with the Doctor was for no more than 8 – 10 minutes. So either she or her patients are not sticking to this rule. Also even if the appointments are only for this time, why doesn’t the receptionist build a little slack into the Doctors day to ensure that this doesn’t happen?

I value the NHS and the work that the Doctors and Nurses do; but a 50 minute wait isn’t good enough. Time and time again I went to the reception desk to ask how much longer and each time I was promised I was next. However when I queried how long, they kept telling me they didn’t know (um, what about the signs saying 8 – 10 minutes max?!) I didn’t feel I could walk out, it had taken 3 days to get me there. But I was such a state by the time I was finally scene, I just wanted to get out of there. And this lead to the second problem…

The doctor examined me, asked me some questions and said I must have suffered from X a lot in my life time. I told her that no, I hadn’t. In fact I had never had X as far as I could remember. Her response, was oh, well you must have. She then berated me for not having an earlier appointment as apparently, with it being Friday lunchtime it was too late to run any tests.Grr! So I left with a diagnosis and medication that I am not even 50% confident in. I tried to argue a little, and explain that I had been trying for an early morning appointment for a number of days… but with the clock ticking away and me desperate to get back eventually I stopped arguing and just left with my tablets (which I am now popping at work!)

All in all the entire experience was a nightmare.

I try to not self diagnose, or treat. But after that experience, it is going to take something major to get me back into the Doctors surgery.

4 thoughts on “Stressed doesn’t even cover it!

  1. Oh dear and they wonder why people go to Dr Google? Hope whatever the problem was you are OK now and no worries re pill popping in your new job just sounds like history repeating itself LOL Have a marvellous Monday
    Best wishes Molly

  2. Oh, my goodness!! I can certainly identify with your appointment experience. I hope all works out with your job and your medical issues. Hugs

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