She’s arrived

Sorry not to be ‘here’ yesterday but I had a busy day….

I would officially like to introduce you all to Poppy. My ‘I don’t need a man, I have a rabbit’ rabbit.


Not a great pic, but I was trying to not disturb her too much!
Not a great pic, but I was trying to not disturb her too much!

She arrived last night and I am a mixture of thrilled and terrified. I am so so happy to have her, and can’t wait to give her a cuddle and whatch her grow and come out of her shell. Last night I was very good and just sat outside her cage talking to her so she could hear my voice. Although I did shine my light into her bedding area just before putting her to bed – I wanted to make sure she was still there and breathing! But this morning I did have the lid off and give her a quick stroke, she is so lovely.

I am officially smitten!!

10 thoughts on “She’s arrived

    • Thanks, I thought you might like it! (suddenly worried that may have sounded weird, I am not some crazy stalker who has named my rabbit after your bubba. I promise I do not have two pot plants called bella and beary and I don’t sit with the fire going pretending we are all living somewhere warm!!) I think sometimes I over think things!!

Looking forward to hearing from you....?!

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