I had a bad date last night, and it didn’t have the desired effect. I had hoped that by dating a few people my heart would yearn for Edward and I would know… this guy who was so right on paper was right for me; and that it wasn’t that I didn’t fancy him, and could see me getting board of him within the month that was stopping me from committing but fear holding me back. The bad date made me yearn alright…but it wasn’t for Edward.

All it did was make me miss the ex. I missed how easy the conversation was even in the early days, how he would look at me and I would feel my ovaries skip a beat or how when we were together the rest of the world slipped away.

It made me look back wistfully over our time together and yet again resent him for giving up too easily and moving on too fast.

I ended the evening upset and missing him; well the guy I thought he was.

7 thoughts on “Yearning

  1. ughhh i can easily relate sista!! nothing worse than being on a date and suddenly missing the ex… oh and the irony of the one on paper not tickling the ovaries.. i hear ya! ah life… lessons… all that shit!

  2. Well that’s very disappointing. Did I ever tell you the story of how I met my husband?

    I was a divorced mother of two. My friend Kim kept insisting we go out to the bars (YUCK) she kept saying, “a man is not going to knock on your door.” Yet I still resisted the bars (YUCK).

    Long story short, her cousin left his girlfriend and moved in with his aunt (Kim’s mom) who lived….right across the street from me. Guess who knocked on my door one night? ;-0

    My point is, the person who you are destined to meet, will find his way to you, whether you are kissing frogs or not. Hang in there my friend.

    • It’s funny you say that. Recently I’ve had a feeling of “it will happen when it’s supposed to” and so I have become a lot more chilled about the whole thing and I am using dates more as a way of doing something different rather than meeting people because “they are the one”

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